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Will A Girls Heat Wave Thaw Relations Between Exes?

The queue of Hannah's potential co-parents gets unaccountably longer. 2017.04.03S06.E08

Art Imitates Life On Girls

While Adam tries to direct fictional versions of scenes from his life, Hannah loses control over scenes from hers. 2017.03.13S06.E05

The Girls Navigate The Circle Of Life

One man may enter; two men leave. The world, that is. 2017.03.06S06.E04

Stuff Gets Real On Girls

The season's last two episodes are all about uncomfortable truths, which is normal for Girls but with more truth. 2016.04.18S05.E09

Into The Breech

It's a night for all the Girls to take a big step: Shosh, Marnie, Jessa, Hannah, and Jessa-Hannah. 2015.03.23S04.E10

More Late Than We Thought

Most TV episodes in which a character dies tend to stray from their home turf. So how far did Girls wander? 2014.01.27S03.E04

Sister Act-Out

Hannah's birthday (is a) bitch...but how Girls-y did it get? 2014.01.20S03.E03

The Next Quiz Show

We're overdue for another awards-bait game-show docudrama. 2013.12.11


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