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Wait -- Was It Just The Whiskey That Made How I Met Your Mother's Robin Seem Cool?

Maybe the Scotch represents everything Robin really is. Or, maybe it's just everything that Robin wishes she could be. 2016.08.16

Oh, The Inhumanity

SHIELD seems bent on picking a fight with the Inhumans. And vice versa. So why's everyone in such a bad mood? 2015.05.06S02.E20

Predicting The Future

The original team gets reunited before everything gets shoved aside to advertise a movie that's opening on Friday. Finally, it gets some publicity! 2015.04.29S02.E19

How I Met The Executive Who Tried To Kill You

Why was CBS denying last week that it had picked up How I Met Your Dad? A meeting last week between a top CBS executive and HIMYD co-creators Carter Bays and Craig Thomas might answer that question. 2014.05.13

Still Agenting

A lot of things have happened on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.. For example, Patton Oswalt showed up! 2014.04.23S01.E19

How I Ruined An Episode By Not Connecting The Narrative Dots Well Enough Before Meeting Your Mother

How Mother-y was the (for real this time) wedding of Robin and Barney? 2014.03.25S09.E21

How I Didn't Terrify Your Mother Into Not Kissing Me On Our First Date

How Mother-y was a strange combination of flash-forward and future nostalgia leading right up to the final episodes? 2014.03.18S09.E20

Marshall Gives His Slapping Hand A Break

But it's just so he can punch someone instead. How Mother-ly is our latest pre-wedding speed bump? 2014.03.11S09.E20

How I (Massive Spoiler)ed Your Mother

How Mother-y was the game-changing surprise twist at the end of this otherwise typical episode? 2014.03.04S09.E19

How I Fooled Your Mother Into Drinking A Fake Hangover Cure

How Mother-y was Barney's Fixer Elixir? The secret ingredient was love (awwww). 2014.02.25S09.E18

How I Almost Ruined Your Aunt Robin's Wedding One Last Time

How Mother-y was Ted's impossible-to-extinguish eternal flame for Robin? 2014.02.04S09.E17

Jumpsuit And The Sockless

Which celebrity wore the most inappropriate outfit, and more superlatives from the latest episodes of Hollywood Game Night! 2014.01.28S02.E05

The Mother Of All How I Met Your Mothers

How Mother-y was a flipped-script episode focusing on Ted's future bride? 2014.01.28S09.E16

Penny, Luke, Jabba Talk, And Bugs With Boobs

How Mother-y was an episode about truth-drunken revelations, sex stalling, and the birth of Ted's kids? 2014.01.21S09.E15


How Mother-y was the fourth of five Slap Bet slaps? Not so much, and it still stings. 2014.01.14S09.E14

Is It Worth Holding Out Hope For Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.?

The show comes back with more action and more answers (sort of), but is it too late? Or should we stick it out for Joss's sake? 2014.01.08S01.E11

How Your Mother Beat The Devil, Who Was Very Charming, By The Way

How Mother-y was an episode with a strong guest turn and 100 percent more of The Mother? 2013.12.17S09.E13

How I Helped Fool Your Aunt For The Glory Of Canada

How Mother-y was Barney's rehearsal dinner and laser-tag ruse, which led to a celebration of Robin's Canadian roots? 2013.12.03S09.E12

How I Killed Some Time In Rhyme

How Mother-y was the smothery and perverse episode of verse? 2013.11.26S09.E11

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