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Should You Take A Chance On Hugh Laurie's New Hulu Joint?

It's more Vertigo and Bosch than House...but is that a good thing? 2016.10.17S01.E01

In Season 2 Of Damages, Patty Hewes Will Read You For Filth

And our Marathon Diarist loves every tawdry second of it! 2016.07.07

Jessica Jones Should Just Avoid Menfolk Always

Maybe she could be better at the hero thing, but no one deserves the crap she gets in S01.E12. 2015.12.02S01.E12

With Friends Like These, Jessica Jones Might As Well...Get Badly Injured

Being a superhero sucks when you lack proper backup. 2015.12.01S01.E10

Watch The Latest Trailer For Netflix's Jessica Jones

This one with very exciting supporting cast members!!! 2015.11.10

Many Are Trapped For Hours In Darkness And Confusion

It's time to wind up The Wire's Marathon Diary! 2015.04.09

The Fabulists

Who's a more offensive fake, the red ribbon killer or EJ? 2015.04.02

Dick In A Box

In Season 4 of The Wire, dicks pop up all over. 2015.03.26

You Finish The Pot, You Make The Next One

If The Wire's new mayor doesn't comprehend basic office etiquette, how's he going to save Baltimore? 2015.03.12

The Wheels On The Bus(t) Go Round And Round

As Season 4 of The Wire begins, everyone's getting schooled. 2015.03.05

Design Not Quite Within Reach

It's going to take more than a tastefully appointed condo to get you through Season 3 of The Wire in one piece. 2015.02.26

Robert's Rules Of Order

Season 3 of The Wire puts the 'organized' in 'organized crime.' 2015.02.19

Mind The Gap

The Divide's finale is exciting, but it may have driven the train off a bridge. Sarah reviews the first season. 2014.08.28S01.E08

Battle Of The Mixed-Blessing Releases From Prison

Terry Kucik's homecoming on The Divide isn't the happiest one. How does it stack up against Daniel Holden's on Rectify? 2014.07.30S01.E04

Ace Of Bass

Reg E. Cathey gets Sarah's Good Voice-keeping Seal Of Approval. 2014.07.24S01.E03

Should You Try To Bridge The Divide?

WEtv rolls in heavy with a death-row procedural from Scandal's Tony Goldwyn -- and overrules most of Sarah's objections. 2014.07.16S01.E01

Ryan's Hope

The Following admits that Emma's the worst. Sarah and the Poe Head victoriously discuss that, a recent heel turn, and other positive indicators. 2014.02.04S02.E03

New Book Goes Behind The Scenes Of The Wire

Watercolor and jazz improv at Lester Freamon's house is just the beginning. 2013.07.09


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