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Sleepy Hollow Has Done All It Was Meant To Do

The show is out of time, however we might mean that. 2016.04.09S03.E18

Parental Discretion Is Advised On Sleepy Hollow

Good casting, bad pacing, and an ugly death in 'Sins Of The Father.' 2016.02.27S03.E12

Howe Do You Duo

Pandora's plans for a general's bones raise hell across two shows. 2015.10.29S03.E05

Pop: The Question

A few casting suggestions for the role of Abbie and Jenny's dad on Sleepy Hollow. 2015.10.23S03.E04

It Has A Hollow Ring

Do the SH writers have a plan? 2015.10.09S03.E02

'He's Using An Old Meta-Gorilla Mind Trick!'

Grodd's scary-looking and crazy strong, but it's his mental abilities that really put Barry to the test. 2015.05.06S01.E21

Two Become One

Ronnie and Stein find it hard to stay apart. 2015.02.18S01.E14


The S.T.A.R. team races to separate Stein and Ronnie before Central City goes up in flames. 2015.02.11S01.E13

Power Down

A metahuman steals Barry's powers just when he needs them the most. 2014.11.26S01.E07

The Sword Of Dumbocles

A confusing and ultimately kind of pointless episode is still fun thanks to the Headless Horseman. 2014.11.25S02.E10

Boom Goes The Dynamite

Barry tries to help a girl he meets. Let's see how that goes! 2014.11.12S01.E05

United States Marine Corpse

Sheriff Corbin's son is back from active duty, and he's got major problems. As it were. 2014.10.27S02.E06

A Whole Pec Of Trouble

Moloch bends reality, Benjamin Franklin eschews clothing, and the Headless Horseman serves bread and roses in the season premiere of Sleepy Hollow. 2014.09.22S02.E01

Sleepy Hollow Wants To Remind You Of Lots Of Other Shows You May Like

It's hard to get excited about it, though. 2013.09.17S01.E01

Needs More Shawshank

A handful of actors from another Stephen-King-based project might perk things up Under The Dome. 2013.07.09S01.E03


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