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The More Survivor's Games Change, The More They Stay The Same

Twenty returning contestants hit the beach for Survivor's 34th season premiere, its 500th episode, and roughly the billionth scene where someone's not there to make friends. 2017.03.09S34.E01

Survivor Presents A Double Dose Of Double-Crossing

Inclement weather and a smug host rubbing it in their faces make things miserable for the Survivors, but one in particular is having an extra-crappy time out there. 2015.11.26S31.E10

Cry Havoc, And Let Slip The Dogs Of Survivor

Survivor brings drama of nigh-Shakespearean proportions this week as a new voting bloc forms to upend the status quo. 2015.11.19S31.E09

Survivor Whips Out Its Shock And Balls

Survivor brings you all the plotting, scheming, and out-of-context ball jokes you've come to expect, followed by a moment you probably didn't. 2015.11.12S31.E08

Survivor Engages In Some Pest Control

The merge signals a brand-new game for the newly-christened Orkun tribe, but a couple of Survivors are having trouble shaking off old slights. 2015.11.05S31.E07

It's Time To Taste What You Most Fear On Survivor

After the gross food challenge rears its squishy, oddly-shaped head for the first time in several seasons, two former adversaries are compelled to reunite and work together. 2015.10.29S31.E06

Survivor Kicks It New-School

The Second Chancers learn many new and fascinating facts about marine biology, basic math, and of course a heaping helping of Survivor history. 2015.10.22S31.E05

Survivor Throws A Sausage Fest

Jeff Probst brings the double entendres to a unique new spin on a reward challenge as the Survivors continue adjusting to their new tribes. 2015.10.15S31.E04

And Then There Were Three

An unusual tribe swap results in a reversal of fortune for some Survivors; fast and furious strategizing ensues. 2015.10.08S31.E03

Don't Call It A Throwback

Flashbacks to previous seasons abound as one of the tribes loses a challenge and votes out another member; you know, just like they've done in all the previous seasons. 2015.10.01S31.E02

Survivor Veterans Get A Second Verse, Same As The First

Survivor kicks off as twenty former contestants head to Cambodia and get their second shot at the game. 2015.09.24S31.E01


What to watch and what to skip as Survivor's family season comes to a close with eliminations, tears, and a winner. Most definitely a winner. 2013.12.16S27.E14

He Said, She Said, She Cried

What to watch and what to skip as Hayden gets crazy desperate to stay alive on this week's Survivor. 2013.12.13

Mother-Daughter Dance

What to watch and what to skip as Ceira considers separating from her mom on Survivor. 2013.11.21S27.E10

Undercover Brothers

What to watch and what to skip as Aras and Vytas both find themselves targeted for elimination on Survivor. 2013.10.31S27.E07

Dr. V And The Women

What to watch and what to skip as the tribes shuffle up, Aras gets the villain's edit in real time, and Vytas finds himself scrambling for survival on an all-girls tribe. 2013.10.24S27.E06

Quit Me, Baby, One More Time

What to watch and what to skip as Survivor experiences a quit, an injury, and a blindside all in one episode. 2013.10.03S27.E03

Skeeball Showdown

John misses Candice. Colton is a horse's ass. Gervase is handy with balls. Should you watch last night's Survivor? 2013.09.26S27.E02


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