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The Good Fight Meets SVU

Chung Chung! It's an episode ripped from the headlines about an episode ripped from the headlines! 2017.03.12S01.E05

An Old Foe Brings The 'Fight' To The Good Fight

An interesting legal case, a potentially-interesting-but-we'll-see political battle, and horribly stupid Rindell drama take us further into The Good Wife Season 8. 2017.03.05S01.E04

Who's At The Top Of 'The Schtup List' In The Good Fight's Third Episode?

Ranking the players as the show settles into itself. 2017.02.26S01.E03

Is The Good Fight Worth Fighting For?

Is it worth signing up for CBS's streaming service to watch The Good Wife, Part 2? 2017.02.16S01.E01

Watch The Uncensored Trailer For The Good Wife's Spinoff, The Good Fight

By which we mean: hear Diane Lockhart say a bad word! 2017.01.10

Hillary Clinton Could Take Fashion Inspiration From TV's Best-Dressed Ladies

Your editors flip around the dial to give the Democratic candidate a few makeover ideas. 2016.06.17

The Fat Lady Sings On Cop Rock…Literally

Which, per Sarah D. Bunting and Adam Grosswirth, is the show and all its problems in a nutshell. Er, 'on a swing.' 2016.06.15

The Good Wife Deals, Heals, And Reels In Her Season Finale

As Peter's trial comes to an end, we get to find out whether Alicia's learned anything in the past seven years. 2016.05.09S07.E22

The Good Wife Dusts Off Her Old Routine For Peter's Trial

But can even the intercession of St. Alicia save him now? 2016.05.02S07.E21

The Good Wife Does Her Last Duty For Her Crappy Mother-In-Law

Hardly anyone has a good time when Alicia throws a party for Jackie and Howard's ketubah-signing party, but at least some of them get very drunk. 2016.04.25S07.E20

The Good Wife Gives Alicia A New Opportunity To Earn That Nickname

Connor Fox's case against Peter proceeds faster than anyone would like, while a 'C-list Edward Snowden' gets detained in -- gulp -- Canada!!! 2016.04.18S07.E19

At Long Last, The Good Wife Starts To Make Some Moves

'It's about time' doesn't even begin to address it. 2016.03.28S07.E18

The Good Wife's Got All Hands On Deck

Is there any opponent Alicia can't beat off? 2016.03.21S07.E17

Will High Risks Pay Off With Huge Rewards On The Good Wife?

This refers both to Veronica's swindling by a smooth-talking day trader, and to Alicia's growing commitment to sex with Jason, so at least we know her eyes work. 2016.03.07S07.E16

The Good Wife Drones About Drones In A Case Lazily Ripped From The Headlines

Blatant political grandstanding and weird sexism? It's like Aaron Sorkin wrote this episode. Only then it might have at least been a little entertaining. 2016.02.22S07.E15

The Good Wife Tries To Settle Back Into Firm Life, But Will Her Attempt Be Foiled?

Alicia might have thought she was going to have a chill first week back at Lockhart, Agos & Lee. Then that IT guy Howell found a ChumHum tablet prototype. 2016.02.15S07.E14

The Good Wife Makes A Defensive Defendant

Getting sued by an old client for not having represented him with sufficient zeal joins 'processing Eli's confession' and 'figuring out how to deal with Jason's return' on Alicia's list of priorities. 2016.02.01S07.E13


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