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Hot Dog, MasterChef Junior Has A Wiener

The kids flip out when Mayim Bialik shows up, and then turn on her in a second when she makes them cook vegan burgers. 2017.03.02S05.E04

MasterChef Junior Checks The Kids For Rice

The kids have come here to chew bubblegum and cook bass. And they're all out of bubblegum. 2017.02.23S05.E03

The Claws Come Out On MasterChef Junior

Now that we're through two episodes of the reality show cooking competition, the cooking competition can begin. 2017.02.16S05.E02

What If MasterChef Junior, But More?

Borrowing a page from its parent show, MasterChef Junior stretches out the number of contestants that we're supposed to care about and (not really) keep track of. 2017.02.09S05.E01

Who Run The (MasterChef Junior) World? Girls!

Addison and Avery face off in the round kitchen. It's baseball cap versus the bayou! With their parents' love at stake! Probably! 2016.01.29S04.E12

Head Masters Call Class To Order On MasterChef Junior

The kids' parents get served up, John the Baptist-style. 2016.01.22S04.E10

Forget It, MasterChef Junior, It's Ramsaytown

Gordon tests child-labour laws by getting the kids to cater a lunch at his house. 2016.01.15S04.E09

Going Back For Thirds

Sarah D. Bunting forgets how she fell behind on Restaurant Startup, but she's getting some S3 while it's hot. 2016.01.13S03.E02

MasterChef Junior Bags 'Em And Tags 'Em

Devilled eggs, a tag-team challenge, and signature dishes. If you hate the phrase 'you on a plate,' skip this whole episode. 2016.01.08S04.E08

MasterChef Junior Becomes A Granny State

The kids prepare fancy dinners for old women. Dessert is a bowl of ribbon candy. 2015.12.19S04.E07

Biz Lemon Comes To MasterChef Junior, Blerg

When life gives you lemons, drench a bunch of precocious kids in lemonade. 2015.12.11S04.E06

You Say It's Your Birfday, MasterChef Junior, Innit

The kids have to cook for other kids, but can't resist showing off with the srirachas and the paprikas and the aiolis and whatnot. 2015.12.04S04.E05

Don't Stink Twice, It's All Right (On MasterChef Junior)

The pint-sized chefs crinkle their noses thanks to an ingredient list that's a little on the fragrant side. 2015.11.27S04.E04

MasterChef Junior Has A Seafood Interlude

What you call a fish with no eyes? Fsh! (That has nothing to do with anything, but your nine-year-old will love it.) 2015.11.20S04.E03

MasterChef Junior Goes To Shell And Back

Let's get the kids all amped up on cupcake frosting and a food fight and then we'll give them knives and make them shuck scallops. 2015.11.13S04.E02

Don't Marsh My Mallow, MasterChef Junior

The kids are back in town! It's just like MasterChef, only with likeable contestants! 2015.11.06S04.E01

Winner Winner Swordfish Dinner

Claudia, Derrick, and Stephen square off for the right to be forgotten until they're dragged out as inspiration for contestants next season. 2015.09.17S06.E20

Look On Christina Tosi's Works, Ye Mighty, And Despair

Who makes better desserts than Christina Tosi? No one, according to Christina Tosi. 2015.09.10S06.E18

Basket Cases

Three past champions return like the ghosts of A Christmas Carol to warn the current contestants to change their ways lest they be condemned to a lifetime of MasterChef servitude. 2015.09.03S06.E17

Tartarred And Feathered

Gordon inflicts our cheftestants on Chaya, the restaurant where tuna tartare was born, before punishing the losers with a super-complicated pasta challenge requiring timing, organization, and Hetal not losing her mind. 2015.08.27S06.E16

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