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Are The Veronica Mars Visual Aids Giving You The Birds And Bees Again?

The Marses are making friends all over; we made friends with the most important visuals from 'Like A Virgin.' 2017.07.28S01.E08

American Crime Story Plays The Race Card

...Literally; that's the episode title. Who has a winning hand and who busts out? 2016.03.01S01.E05

Masters Of Sex Brings Back One Of Its Masters Of Acting

Allison Janney returns to break our hearts again, while elsewhere, Bill tries something new: getting his way by being nice. 2015.08.02S03.E04

Turn-ing It Around

Did the Revolutionary-spy thriller learn from its S1 mistakes? Sarah's cautiously optimistic. 2015.04.13S02.E02

Manhattan's Diamond In The Rough

Though she's basically a walking flower metaphor machine, Frank's wife is the best thing about WGN's nuclear drama. 2014.08.22S01.E04

Watching The Watchers

Wesley arrives, Faith goes off the rails, and the Buffy Rewatch continues. 2014.08.13

Spy Harder

Turn mistakes (admittedly pretty good) historical texture for plot, again. 2014.04.27S01.E04


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