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Season 6 Of The Mindy Project Will Be Its Last

But how will things end for Dr. L? 2017.03.29

The Mindy Project Needs To Quit Trying To Put Mindy In Long-Term Relationships

Tara's not a crackpot. She just thinks The Mindy Project's Mindy should be more like Seinfeld's Jerry. 2017.02.14S05.E08

Should We, As A Culture, Start Leaving Cancelled Shows Alone?

Haley Chouinard is not a crackpot. She just thinks cancelled shows should stay cancelled. 2016.08.05

Season 4 Of Damages Was A Diamond Lost In DirecTV's Rough

Our Marathon Diarist enthuses about a season that surprised him by being fantastic. 2016.07.21

Danny Hits A New Low In The Season 4 Finale Of The Mindy Project

Even the redemption arc to end all redemption arcs might not be enough to save this jerk anymore. 2016.07.05S04.E26

Is It Maybe Time For The Mindy Project To Kill Off Danny?

Tara's not a crackpot. She's just noticed that The Mindy Project has really left itself no other option for getting rid of this turd. 2016.06.28S04.E25

The Mindy Project Flashes Back To The Past While Questioning Danny And Mindy's Future

Are the fights Mindy and Danny have been having since he returned from California actually...pretty serious? 2015.12.08S04.E13

Is The Mindy Project Overlooking An Obvious Answer To The Question Of Leo's Care?

One of his parents bakes. The other is Mindy. Which should be the full-time at-home parent, again? 2015.10.13S04.E05

The Mindy Project Faces Friends In The Battle Of The Professionally Threatened Sitcom Moms

Both Friends and The Mindy Project aired episodes in which a mom's re-entry into the workplace doesn't go as smoothly as it might. Which one most deserves a push present? 2015.10.06S04.E04

The Mindy Project Proves That Every Mom Needs A Morgan

Another episode gets stolen by Ike Barinholtz. No one complains. 2015.09.22S04.E02

The Mindy Project Is Back, And Boy-Crazier Than Ever!

As the show moves from Fox to Hulu, its titular OB/GYN tries out life with a different kind of guy, Sliding Doors-style. (Don't worry: both timelines feature Morgan.) 2015.09.15S04.E01

Impending Parenthood

The Mindy Project needs to unhand the heart-strings. 2015.03.25S03.E21

The Parent Trope

Hey, TV characters -- when another character 'has to tell you something,' try realistically giving a crap? 2015.02.10S03.E15

Goodbye To All That

Adam Pally's exit isn't the only thing worrying Sarah D. Bunting about The Mindy Project. 2015.02.04S03.E14

Neal Gets In The Hot Seat, Discovers That It's Hot

As Neal, Reese, and Sloan all handle uncomfortable meetings, we've got a countdown of the episode's ideas, from best to worst. 2014.11.16S03.E02

Only A Fictional Cable News Channel Covered The Boston Marathon Bombing Properly

But who made him- or herself the biggest ACN asshole in the process? The answer may surprise you! (In the sense that there's so much competition for the title.) 2014.11.09S03.E01

How Sexually Experienced Is Mindy? Let's Find Out Together!

An 'innocent' 'I slipped!' leads to a dirtbag's investigation into exactly how much Mindy's been...er...road-tested. 2014.10.08S03.E04

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