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Shocking Developments For The Designated Survivor

But another one of Hannah Wells's leads turns into a dead end. 2017.03.16S01.E12

Ranking Hypothetical Agents Of SHIELD Marvel Universe Pairings

If the SHIELD agents got to date outside their show, what would their pairings be called? 2017.02.01S04.E12

Who Should Be Supergirl's Superman?

When the Man of Steel next shows his face on The CW as Supergirl's cousin, whose face should it actually be? 2016.06.07

Battle Of The Comic Crime Fighters

They each work in the shadow of a superhero. They each do some ass-kicking. Who is television's best new crime-fighting comic hero: Detective Jim Gordon or Agent Peggy Carter? 2015.02.02

The Plot Thickens

Peggy Carter is now in the position of actively sabotaging SSR investigations. And even worse, she only beats up one guy this week! 2015.01.14S01.E03

Crikey O'Reilly!

Agent Peggy Carter bursts out of the movies and onto televisions, bringing a refreshing amount of exuberance and face-punching with her. 2015.01.07S01.E01

Fighting Supervillains, Midcentury-Style

Are these S.H.I.E.L.D. agents investigating the supernatural, or heading to a three-martini pitch meeting? 2013.12.11S01.E10


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