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Can Meryl Streep Be The Spirit Animal For RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars?

The girls parody twenty years of prestige films, but are they destined for the Oscars or the Razzies? And what does Nancy Pelosi think about it? Your questions are answered in this EPIC OLD-SCHOOL RECAP. 2018.03.10S03.E07

Once More, With All The Feelings

Glee ends as it began: kind of a mess, but full of emotionally manipulative potential. 2015.03.21S06.E13

Listen To Your Heart When He's Calling For You

Adam doesn't know where Glee's going and he doesn't know why, but shut up, you're crying! 2015.03.14S06.E11

The Final Countdown

Did you think Glee would leave us without one last Sue Sylvester meltdown? Think again. 2015.03.07S06.E10

I Don't

Glee makes good on its threats with a wedding episode. We've come this far, we may as well watch it, at least for Gloria Estefan. 2015.02.21S06.E08

Oscar, Meet Emmy

Some lucky movie is going home with a Best Picture Oscar Sunday, but that's just Step One in the inevitable march to EGOT greatness. Here's how each would-be Osar winner can make the move to the boob tube. 2015.02.20

No One Can Save Glee, The Damage Is Done

Actually, this was a really good episode! Adam just can't resist a good Bon Jovi lyric joke. 2015.02.14S06.E07

What The World Needs Now Is Not This

The Glee kids take on hip, edgy composer Burt Bacharach, as Rachel faces her fears and Santana and Brittany stand up to intolerance. 2015.02.07S06.E06

It Must Have Been Love, But It's Over Now

Will the New Directions find twelve members in time to compete? Will Kurt and Blaine be forcibly reunited? Will Part 2 of this episode be dumber than Part 1? Tune in and see! ...Or just skip to the singing. 2015.01.30S06.E05

So Sue Me

After being endowed with some depth and development, Sue whips back to arbitrary villainy, in maybe the most nonsensical episode of Glee yet. 2015.01.24S06.E04

Like Rain On Your Wedding Day

The Glee kids mash up Carole King and Alanis Morissette and you you you oughta skip it. 2015.01.17S06.E03

New Kids On The Block

McKinley High Homecoming brings welcome visitors but mixed results, as Glee 3.0 really begins. 2015.01.09S06.E02

Don't Stop Believin'? Maybe?

Glee goes back to its roots, and it's sort of like coming home. (But not 'Homecoming': that's the next episode.) 2015.01.09S06.E01

Don't Rain On My Parade

Glee's Broadway storyline has Adam missing the subtle, nuanced storytelling of Smash. 2014.05.13S05.E17

Battle Of ABC Family's Crazy Moms

Both The Fosters and Switched At Birth have recently featured storylines about mentally ill mothers. But which did it better? 2014.03.18

Rosie O'Donnell And The Trouble With 'Trebles'

How the former talk-show host ruined maybe the best-ever round of TV ID, and more from the latest Hollywood Game Night. 2014.02.04S02.E06

Romy Rosemont Is TV's Wholesome Midwestern Mom

But did you know she's married to Stephen Root? True story! 2012.12.07S02.E09


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