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Iron Fist's Season Finale Delivers A Few Big Punches

...none of which is all that surprising. 2017.03.24S01.E13

In S01.E05, Claire Temple Finally Finally Finally Classes Up Iron Fist

When a familiar face pops up on the latest/least fun Marvel series, everything starts to look up. 2017.03.20S01.E05

Does Iron Fist Pack A Punch?

Or is it rusty enough for the scrap heap? 2017.03.16S01.E01

OMG! Luke Cage Got Shot!

With all bets off in S01.E08, who's next to fall in this masterclass on gun violence? 2016.10.05S01.E08

Daredevil Drops The Deuce

The second season of Netflix's first Marvel series faced rising stakes and diminishing returns. 2016.03.31S02.E13

Daredevil Has A Ninja Problem

Just when you think there's too much going on, all these evil ninjas show up without much to do. 2016.03.30S02.E12

Daredevil's Foggy Needs To Go A-Courting And Woo His Ex

Daredevil's bestie has a romantic prospect that he needs to resolve in S02.E11, because it's never going to get better than a woman whose idea of a get well gift is top-shelf booze. 2016.03.29S02.E11

Claire Temple: The Best Thing Ever To Happen To Daredevil

She's nobody's victim but she takes care of everyone's victims, all while cutting through Matt's ongoing crises of conscience. 2016.03.28S02.E10

Daredevil's Best Baddies Could Write A Rad Bromance

A jailhouse bargain signals a meeting of the (sociopathic) minds...but it really could be so much more if only they’d let it. 2016.03.25S02.E09

Daredevil Gets Dealt A Very, Very Bad Hand

And Matt Murdock finds out things have just gone way off the chain. 2016.03.24S02.E08

Is The Punisher The Hero Daredevil Needs?

And other simmering, but not-quite-burning, questions from S02.E07! 2016.03.23S02.E07

I Am Daredevil's Walking Cane

And I am more than able to guide him through a rough night. 2016.03.23S04.E06

Daredevil's Elektra-fying Ex Teaches Him A Tough Lesson About Compatibility

An edgy blast from Matt's past is likely to blast his present. 2016.03.22S02.E05

Daredevil Needs To Revisit The Matter Of How Much Tony Curran's Finn Is Getting To Do

Lisa Schmeiser is not a crackpot: she thinks, after S02.E04, that this show is squandering an actor of considerable, brainy menace. 2016.03.22S02.E04

I Am The Chain From Daredevil's 'New York's Finest'

...and I wish I were being used in almost any other capacity, because it was a busy night for me. 2016.03.21S02.E03

You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet, Daredevil's Crusty Homicide Detective

What Lennie Briscoe was to the pun, Crusty Homicide Detective is to world-weary profanity. 2016.03.18S02.E01

Watch A Trailer For Season 2 Of Daredevil

And strap in for a philosophical discussion on Comparative Vigilantism! 2016.02.15

He Who Dares Wins

Matt Murdock becomes The Man Without Fear (Of Cancellation). 2015.06.02S01.E13

Kingpin Of What, Now?

For such a supposedly scary nemesis, Wilson Fisk is certainly letting his enemies run the table. 2015.05.26S01.E11

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