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Doctor Who Attempts Some Comics Relief

Marvel as the Doctor learns a thing or two about superhero mythology. 2016.12.26S10.E00

Should You Answer The Player's Call?

Will you place a bet on on yet another crime prediction show? 2015.09.24S01.E01

TCA 2015/6: NBC Has Reborn Heroes, Tattooed Ladies, And Dolly Effin' Parton

Also, Wesley Snipes is paying off his IRS bills one episode of The Player at a time. 2015.08.13

It's Hall Or Nothing!

Cromwell makes it possible for Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn to finally get married, which couldn't possibly have negative repercussions, right? 2015.04.19S01.E03

Hall By Myself

Sure, Thomas Cromwell's an jerk, but is he currently the biggest jerk in the Tudor court? 2015.04.12S01.E02

Hungry Like The Wolf

Should you care enough about history to voluntarily spend time with Thomas Cromwell, Cardinal Wolsey, and Henry VIII? 2015.04.03S01.E01


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