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Claws Nails Viral Marketing

Desna drums up business for the clinic while proposing commune living to Jenn and making her peace (ish) with Virginia's pregnancy in our EPIC OLD-SCHOOL RECAP of 'Cracker Casserole'! 2018.06.17S02.E02

Claws Adjusts To Life Under New Management

Desna tries to make the best of the new Riva regime with no help from the Hussers in our EPIC OLD-SCHOOL RECAP of the Season 2 premiere! 2018.06.10S02.E01

EPIC OLD-SCHOOL RECAP: Claws Scratches Its Way Through Its Season Finale Showdowns

Who lives? Who dies? Who gets kidnapped? And does everyone make it through with all ten acrylics intact?! 2017.11.08S01.E10

The Good Fight Meets SVU

Chung Chung! It's an episode ripped from the headlines about an episode ripped from the headlines! 2017.03.12S01.E05

The Good Wife Drones About Drones In A Case Lazily Ripped From The Headlines

Blatant political grandstanding and weird sexism? It's like Aaron Sorkin wrote this episode. Only then it might have at least been a little entertaining. 2016.02.22S07.E15

The Good Wife Marathon Diary Reaches Its Bitter End

Our Marathon Diarist winds up her assignment as The Good Wife limps to the end of its sixth season. 2015.09.17

The Good Wife Goes Behind Bars

As the sixth season opens, our Marathon Diarist discovers that Cary ends up arrested and imprisoned, and Alicia finally declares her candidacy for State's Attorney. 2015.09.03

Getting The Good Dirt On The Good Wife

Last season's feuds, next season's plots, and a Tascioni mashup in Lunch And A Show! 2015.08.19

This Is A Campaign Whiz Kid? Age Ain't Nothing But A Number On The Good Wife.

Kim starts to question the appropriateness of some of the characters' ages as the Good Wife Marathon Diary rolls on. 2015.07.31

Guest Star Turnaround

In Season 3, our Marathon Diarist discovers that a great guest star can quickly change her opinion, for the better. 2015.07.02

Should You Engage In A Pursuit Of Happyish?

If you love stories about aging, privileged white men's banal anxieties, Happyish...another one. 2015.04.24S01.E01

Getting Down To The Root

Samantha Groves continues to keep Person Of Interest atop the Most Wanted List. 2015.04.07

The Courtship Of Elsbeth And Josh

While Alicia's campaign addresses the God issue, in that she doesn't believe in any, Josh and Elsbeth make some progress in their weird flirtation. 2014.10.27S06.E06

How Does Elsbeth Tascioni Win So Many Cases?

Zoning out and letting a hallucination of a marimba player lead her to insight, of course! But will she let Alicia's distracting kitten derail her in the courtroom? 2014.10.20S06.E05

Sookie Crumbles

True Blood takes another solid step toward the finish line. Now if only everyone would realize their path to happiness starts with ending Sookie! 2014.08.04S07.E07

Kill Bill?

On a smart, zippy True Blood, Bill's fading fast, but there's hope yet. Or IS there? (There is.) 2014.07.28S07.E06

It Was A Monster Mash

A party-themed True Blood features a gathering of dangerous ghouls! Also, there's a shindig at Sookie's house. 2014.07.21S07.E05

You Want Gravy With That Stuffing?

A heavily padded episode ends the first storyline of True Blood's final season. 2014.07.14S07.E04

Devil In A Dumb Dress

Is Sookie Stackhouse the secret villain of True Blood? 2014.06.30S07.E02

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