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Gyp Gyp No Way

The author bailed on Boardwalk Empire's third season thanks to profoundly off-putting character work by Cannavale. Can she overcome him, and the clock, by the fourth-season premiere? 2013.08.30

'My Generation Will Not Tolerate Boring'

Oh really, twenty-six-year-old 'virality' expert? Well, OUR generation will not tolerate your cocky BS, as seen on The Pitch. 2013.08.30S02.E03

Always Bet Red?

This author isn't sure Supermarket Superstar's buyer made the right call last night. 2013.08.30S01.E06

Rick Grimes: He’s A Cop…Sort Of?

The formerly upstanding officer from The Walking Dead won’t ever be the same. And that’s not a bad thing. 2013.08.30S04.E01


Everyone, including the 'civilians,' fights to be the worst at games in the actually infuriating season finale of Hollywood Game Night. 2013.08.30S01.E08

That's A Lot Of Murdered Monkeys For A Show Called Tales Of The Gold Monkey

Plus Nazi Higgins! One-Eyed Dogs! Cobras! More! It's so 80s, your slap bracelet is gonna found out where the beef is! 2013.08.30S01.E01

Getting The Boot(s)

What to watch and skip in last night's shoes-based Project Runway. 2013.08.30S12.E07

How Do You Walk Away From The Best Job On TV?!

Appreciating (and envying) the hosts of the soon-to-end What Not To Wear. 2013.08.30

These Are The Days Of Our Law & Order: SVU

For Careers Week, we consider second acts, namely: Which SVU characters could you most easily transplant into a daytime drama? 2013.08.29

Sarah Burns Hearts

It isn't great that Sarah cheated on Robbie, but Camp's handling of it is. 2013.08.29S01.E08

Dad Again

So we're supposed to believe that there’s a Baby Fight Club and also believe in another of Stone’s “Canadian Girlfriends”? We don’t think so, A&E. We don’t think so. 2013.08.29S01.E02

Why Wasn't Last Night's Broadchurch Very Broadchurch-y?

The main characters all went to church -- literally. But what didn't happen in the latest ep? 2013.08.29S01.E04

'Just About Everyone Here Is Damaged In Some Way'

Letting the host and cast of Tough Love: Co-Ed speak for themselves. Poorly. 2013.08.29S01.E01

Angry Jonna

Frank's fragile loyalty spells doom for both his and Jonna's standings in the Challenge power rankings. 2013.08.29S24.E08

Under The Dome's Truthful Title Card

Another title card from a more honest place. 2013.08.29

Things That Take Less Time Than This Season Of MasterChef

The sci-fi-ish time-stretching of a simple cooking competition is getting out of hand. 2013.08.29S04.E21

Watching/Ranking The Detectives

We will. For Careers Week, we've ranked the cops of The Bridge according to their professionalism, which is bad news for Swan Ronson! 2013.08.29S01.E08

I Am The One Who Hard Knocks

Our last best hope for shutting up those fantasy-league fools: putting them in charge. 2013.08.28S01.E04

No One More Had More Fun On TV This Summer Than Lance Reddick

An ode to Todd Broger of Señor Dicks. 2013.08.28S03.E05

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