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Better Call Saul Shows Us The Grubby Moment Jimmy Met Gus

Now here are a couple of guys who aren't afraid to get their hands dirty. 2017.04.17S03.E02

Will Watching Sneaky Pete Make You Feel Like You've Been Conned?

...Because this Amazon drama is about a con man. 2017.01.12S01.E01

See John Cena Wrestle With His Debut Saturday Night Live Hosting Gig

See what we did there? Still transfixed by those gigantic biceps. 2016.12.11S42.E09

Watch This Late Show Segment For Their Celebrity Chat Line (And Then, Give Them A Call)

Stephen Colbert gives us a chance to hear even more stories about our favorite celebrities. 2016.09.19

Love Hurts: Reconsidering Entertainment Weekly's 1999 Fall TV Preview

Continuing a review of television before The Golden Age Of Television, Lisa Schmeiser counts up all the careers launched without EW's noticing. 2016.08.18

Mr. Robot Sticks To Its Uncertainty Principles

A bracing and effective image is still no substitute for plot as Elliot's reality continues to buffer. 2016.07.21S02.E03

Turn-Of-The-Seventies Commercials Promoted Chiclets As A Weight-Loss Aid

And other mustard-colored meeeeemorieeeeeees of the waaaaay we smoked on tee-veeeeeeeee. 2016.06.17

Going All The Way With LBJ

HBO's new historical drama finds a real lack of civility in the fight for civil rights. 2016.05.20

I Am The One Who Sucks

Strangely crappy writing undermines the interesting interviews and intel in Breaking Bad: The Official Book. 2015.05.18

'Can You Live With It?'

A tense confession closes the sixth Better Call Saul, opens Jonathan Banks's 2015 Emmy reel. 2015.03.10S01.E06

Getting Mad

Mad Men’s Marathon Diarist looks back eight years -- or fifty-five, depending on your perspective. 2015.01.16

The Emmys Should Nominate Forty Best Actresses

Marks Blankenship and Peikert discuss their hopes for this year's awards. 2014.05.28


David Blaine: Real or Magic is a bloated try-hard (go figure), but it didn't have to be. 2013.11.20

How We Retconned Barney Meeting Your Mother

How Mother-y was the unlikely flashback revealing the real reason Barney proposed to Robin? 2013.11.12S09.E09


The author rewatched the Breaking Bad finale to see if she'd like it any better. 2013.10.01S05.E16

Coming Home

Breaking Bad, and Walt, say their final goodbyes. 2013.09.30S05.E16

Breaking Bad's Upcoming 'Felina' Finale, Explained

...Possibly. This is just a CRACKPOT theory that could ALSO turn out to be totally spot on. 2013.09.24S05.E16

The Wolf's Rate Card

Let the games begin -- but it'll cost you. 2013.09.24S05.E15

America's Most Lazy

Walt's disconnected hideout looks like a relaxing retreat to this author. Uh, except for the chemo taxidermy. 2013.09.23S05.E15

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