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Rectify Makes Us Sad, But It Comforts Us Too

Sarah D. Bunting isn't a crackpot; she just isn't sure the final season of this uniquely great show added to its legend. 2016.12.14S04.E08

Rectify Prepares To Cross Over

Images of purgatory and death as new beginning in the show's penultimate episode. 2016.12.07S04.E07

Better Dead Than Red On Rectify

A return, somewhat, to the elliptical writing of yore -- but as Teddy takes aim at the dancing man, the writing misfires with Chloe again. 2016.11.30S04.E06

Rectify And The Good Death

The best and worst of the latest episode, from A to Zeke. 2016.11.23S04.E05

All Fear Has Been Overwhelmed By Desire On Rectify

Desire for gelato, that is -- but the show's ear for what's true is also being overwhelmed by the TV-weirdness of Chloe. 2016.11.16S04.E04

Which Of Rectify's Couples Put The 'Pair' In 'Despair'?

Ranking the show's relationship prospects. 2016.11.09S04.E03

Rectify Gives The Gift Of Fear

The show takes us back to Paulie, and to the #yesallwomen hashtag. 2016.11.02S04.E02

'The Perfectly Strange Goodbye Of Daniel Holden'

A season finale that felt like a series finale is everything good about Rectify's storytelling. 2015.08.13S03.E05

'Something That Ain't Here'

Rectify begins a few final chapters in the season's penultimate episode. Who's throwing the book at whom? 2015.08.06S03.E05

Is Rectify Still Rectify Without Daniel?

And other not-quite-burning questions about how the third season might end up. 2015.07.30S03.E04

Teddy Bared

Why Sarah D. Bunting is captivated by pitiably self-medicating bully agonistes Ted Jr. 2015.07.16S03.E02

What Remains

Whose life is in the severest tatters as Rectify returns? 2015.07.09S03.E01

Lost And Found

Daniel, Tawney, and Amantha contemplate cutting ties, but Sheriff Carl discovers other connections. 2014.08.22S01.E10

Getting Disengaged

As Daniel contemplates a departure, Amantha struggles with boundaries some more, and Tawney and Teddy meet loss with loss. 2014.08.15S02.E09

Road To Redemption

Daniel keeps digging for answers, but Trey (and Foulkes) may have buried him even deeper. 2014.08.08S02.E08

You've Lost That Oven Feeling

Daniel's quest for a vintage stove leads him in unexpected directions. Ted makes an announcement. Amantha is content. Pigs ride an air current past Sarah's third-floor office window. 2014.07.24S02.E06

The Ties That Bind

Daniel is tethered to an unusual party host, Amantha defiantly refuses to cut the cord, and Tawney's monthly bill is late as Rectify examines umbilici real and imagined. 2014.07.18S01.E05

Kitchen Confidential

That remodeling project isn't going exactly how anyone imagined it. 2014.07.11S02.E04

The One-Eyed Dan Is King

Everyone has trouble admitting things to themselves. 2014.07.03S02.E03

Son Rise, Son Set

The men of Rectify grapple with disapproving fathers, alienation, and the food/sex/death Venn. 2014.06.26S02.E02

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