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The Tale End Of Mr. Robot

Ranking the stories within stories as we approach the finale. 2016.09.08S02.E10

Should You Fight City Hall With Show Me A Hero?

David Simon and Paul Haggis's new HBO minseries wants to blow the lid off racism in 1980s Yonkers. But does it? 2015.08.14S01.E01

Should You Prepare Your DVR For An M2M Relationship With Mr. Robot?

A too-powerful corporation faces hackers' attacks in USA's conspiracy drama. Should you get in your home position and engage? 2015.06.24

Is The Fourth-Season Sopranos Finale A Tour De Force Or An Overrated Mess?

Sarah and Mark reconsider 'Whitecaps,' Carmela, and the Soprano Hug Of Aggression. 2014.05.02S04.E13

Attack Of The Dentures

How many Elementary elements are there in the case of a biting murderer? 2014.04.04S02.E19

Which Other Law & Order 'Repeat Offenders' Should Show Up Next Season On Orange Is The New Black?

Lorraine Toussaint is a great start, but which other performers should she bring with her? 2013.07.30


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