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EPIC OLD-SCHOOL RECAP: The Law & Order: SVU Premiere Tries To Get Smart

Amy Smart, that is. Also, a different Noah, same old boring peril; Luke from Nashville is a monster; and Cassidy's back! 2017.11.29S19.E01

Constantine Maroulis Faces Justin Guarini In The Battle Of The American Idol Ad Stars

Two ex-Idols use their star power to promote products on TV. Which does it better? 2016.08.12

How The Friends Super Bowl Episode Became The One Where Lisa Stopped Watching

The double-sized Friends episode was as bloated, defanged and dumb as the Super Bowl spectacle that preceded it, and Lisa can't with it -- or, rather, she couldn't. 2016.07.06S02.E12

Ranking The Forgotten Shows of NBC's Must-See Thursday Night Lineup

There was a time, children, when America tuned in to NBC see what the likes of Jonathan Silverman, Brooke Shields, and Lisa Bonet were up to. Sure, it was because we misplaced the remote after watching shows we actually enjoyed, but it's still attention of a sort. 2016.07.05

Times Change, But The Junk Science In Shampoo Ads Remains The Same

And so does Kelly LeBrock's winning in-on-the-joke delivery in this supercut of vintage shampoo commercials. 2016.03.28

Is The Bachelorette's Ian Thomson The Most Embarrassing TV Princetonian Ever?

In the solar system of cringeworthy Tigers, someone's got to be Uranus. Sarah D. Bunting '94 made a list. 2015.06.22

Rosie O'Donnell Loses Her Ear As Nip/Tuck Loses Its Mind

And other such silliness, such as Christian getting upset that 6,000 people have downloaded his porn tape off YouTube. 2015.02.10

An Oral History Of Late-'90s NBC Time Slot Hits

They weren't all Seinfeld and Friends, and aren't you curious to know the (pretend) inside story of Veronica's Closet? 2013.05.13


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