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What Happened On Supergirl? What DIDN'T Happen?

Ranking the episode's plots and subplots, from A to 32-Epsilon-Z. 2016.11.22S02.E07

Ask Supergirl's Evil Mystery Scientist

The Cadmus boss shares a surprising range of knowledge, from alien weaponry to underground video production to…parenting? 2016.11.08S02.E05

So Long, Supergirl

With all the changes in Kara's life lately, it's time to rank the things we'll miss the most (and least). 2016.10.18S02.E02

The 100 Tries To Clean Up Its Bloody Mess By Getting Bloody Messier

Torturous computer programs, hateful siblings, and one rat-faced Murphy are the agents of change in a plot-shattering episode. 2016.04.08S03.E10

The 100's Queens Slay (Each Other)

Alliances change on all sides, with one power player getting stabbed in the front. 2016.02.11S03.E04

Peace Talks On The 100 Go Up In Literal Flames

Thanks to the Ice Nation, which crashes the party and blows up some (more) small children. 2016.02.05S03.E03

Should You Kick Back With The Leisure Class?

Or is Project Greenlight's fourth-season film a stiff? 2015.11.02S04.E08

Scandal Gets Its Office Space On

Scandal heard you like budgets, so it delivers a major plotline about B613 funding. No one gets shot, but there sure is computing! 2014.04.04S03.E16

A Planet Of Nymphos Horns Up The Away Team Until Stupid Wesley Breaks Some Silly Rule That's Punishable By Death

And other galactic highlights from the premiere season of Star Trek: The Next Generation. 2014.02.19

Another Seinfeld Girlfriend Comes To Cougar Town

Surely there's room for more Seinfeld alumnae on the cul-de-sac? 2012.08.28


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