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Watch Brad Pitt Join The Late Show's 'Big Questions With Even Bigger Stars'

'Hey, Brad to the bone?' 'Yeah, we ain't leavin' 'til we're Stephen?' 2017.05.17

Brad Pitt And His Mullet In A Very Special Ep Of 21 Jump Street

What's worse -- that that mullet might be a wig? Or that it might NOT be? 2016.09.27S02.E20

Will Faces Amy In The Battle Of Friends's Thanksgiving Guests

It's the I Hate Rachel Green Club co-founder vs. Rachel's least favorite sister. Which one disrupts the holiday more and leaves Green black and blue? 2016.07.06

Many Many TV 'First Rule Of Fight Club' References In One Supercut

Remember when that line showed up on TV almost nightly? 2016.05.24

Both Walsh Twins Turned Up On 21 Jump Street

Along with a Vince Vaughn so young and weirdly styled, he kind of looked like David Silver. 2016.04.20

Should You Play Game Of Silence?

Childhood friends team up to avenge long-ago abuse in an adaptation of a well-regarded Turkish series. Should you join them? 2016.04.12S01.E01

These Are The Pies That Try Men's Souls

And women's, but Gordie Suede's rockabilly pouf remains unbent in the latest MasterChef. 2015.05.28S06.E03

Is This The Worst Brando Imitation On Network Television?

And other non-urgent preguntas about Gang Related. 2014.05.29S01.E02

Battle Of The Beverly Hills, 90210 Books

Jason Priestley's memoir dropped this week, so Sarah pitted it against Jennie Garth's autobio and Shannen Doherty's…whatever that was from 2010. Which tome is worth your time? 2014.05.09

Jimmy Fallon's Stress Buster: Rooftop Yodeling

And he's not the only one who does it! 2013.06.19

'The First 48: Ocean's SVU'

Figure out whether you'll like Brooklyn DA with our handy checklist! 2013.05.29S01.E01


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