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Hulu Picks Up Difficult People For A Full Season

'Difficult' news to find fault with! 2014.11.18

Billy Eichner Makes His Late Show Début

Good thing David Letterman loves getting screamed at! 2014.09.12

Hollywood Game Night Gets Billy On The Couch

AND HE HAS A LOT OF ENERGY!!!!! 2014.05.23S02.E14

Leslie's Ambition Fights Leslie's Heart In The Parks & Recreation Finale

The National Parks Service is calling, and Leslie finally decides whether to answer. 2014.04.24S06.E22

Amy Poehler > Pitbull

According to New Yorkers' reactions to this Billy On The Street segment, the math definitely checks out. 2014.04.24S03.E07

Don't Cross Rachel Dratch At A Posh Hotel

And other lessons learned from the latest Inside Amy Schumer. 2014.04.22S02.E04

Lindsay Is Over

But can Tara and Sarah say the same of its titular (...hee) heroine as they discuss the first, and likely only, season? 2014.04.21S01.E08

Elena Achieves Billy On The Street Immortality

And Lena Dunham can tell she's present at an important moment in history. 2014.03.20S03.E02

Billy Eichner Is Coming To Parks & Recreation!

And that's just one piece of P&R news coming out this week. 2013.08.05

Shows Renewed

We feel ways about them. 2013.07.16

Billy Eichner Survives A Visit To The View

Also, he continues to be the best. 2013.07.02S16.E192

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