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Get High And Crank-Call The GLOW Visual Aids

It's what all wrestlers do when they get a night off! 2017.07.03S01.E05

GLOW's Visual Aids Move Into The Dusty Spur

Home is where your squirrel is. 2017.07.01S01.E04

GLOW's Latest Visual Aids Wrestle With The Elements Of Storytelling

Gaze upon them or suffer the Wrath of Kuntar! 2017.06.29S01.E03

GLOW's Visual Aids Slouch Around And Around AND AROUND The Gym

But we will not submit to that whole ketchup thing. 2017.06.25S01.E02

GLOW's First Visual Aids Are Like A Punch To The...Well.....

Remembering when women had small butts and big hair with the pilot's best images! 2017.06.23S01.E01

Masters Of Sex Starts Mounting Its Legal Defense

Hee hee, 'mounting.' The clinic's clinicians meet with the criminal lawyer who'll be handling their pandering charge, a new pair of patients may have them dealing with another legal matter soon. 2016.09.25S04.E03

Masters Of Sex Turns Its Central Partnership Into A Fourgy (Not Literally) (Yet...?)

As Virginia and Bill try to continue having inextricably linked careers, everyone around them has to suffer. Let's rank the characters according to who had the most fun, most sexy week! 2016.09.18S04.E02

Elementary Goes Into (And Out) Of The Bunker

Al Lowe ranks Sherlock's latest tough and tender moments. 2016.03.28S04.E18

'Sherlock's Got A Girrrlllfriend! Sherlock's Got A Girrrlllfriend!'

Just in time for Valentine's Day, it's the sweetest episode of Elementary ever. 2016.02.12S04.E12

Elementary Descends Into A Pit Of Moral Relativism

Wait, no. They just get mixed up with some software coders. And strippers. And...one of those Duke boys? 2016.01.21S04.E09

Can We Extinguish This Plot Twist?

Please don't let a last-minute superhero derail the end of Nurse Jackie. 2015.06.21S07.E11

You'll Never Believe Which Nurse Got Wasted

Ethically speaking, Nurse Jackie refuses to make it easy on us. 2015.05.24S07.E07

Hey Nurse Jackie, Don't Let That Sacrifice Be For Nothing

A serious letter from a rational viewer. 2015.05.17S07.E06

Dr. Roman Will Not Have The Unlimited Salad

The couple reach a decision that actually makes Carrie seem human. 2015.05.03S07.E04

How Can Jackie Work The All Saints Closure To Her Advantage?

And other almost-burning questions about the fate of our favorite drug addict and her pals. 2015.04.26S07.E03

Gloria Akalitus Is On To You, Jackie!

And she's not gonna any more of your crap! 2015.04.19S07.E02

Where Does Jackie Go From Here?

As Season 6 ends with Jackie losing both allies and sense, what's left for next season? 2014.06.29S06.E12

When Zoey Cries, The World Cries With Her

Noting two significant burstings-into-tears from the season's penultimate Nurse Jackie. 2014.06.23S06.E11

Personal Heartbreak Doesn't Dampen Zoey's Wit

Ike might be shipping out of All Saints...but thank god Nurse Jackie's not losing its best asset. 2014.05.25S06.E07

Does Nurse Jackie Need One Less Kid?

Mark asks this and other tough questions as he ranks the show's characters. 2014.05.09S06.E05

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