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Should We Still Be At War With Life In Pieces?

After an unimpressive pilot, Tara gives the freshman comedy another shot. Did it deserve one? 2015.12.11S01.E10

I Am The One Who Sucks

Strangely crappy writing undermines the interesting interviews and intel in Breaking Bad: The Official Book. 2015.05.18

The Return Of Mr. Cyr Is Parenthood's Early Christmas Present

Or it would be, if Sarah hadn't driven him away two seasons ago. 2014.11.21S06.E09

I Love It When A Nonsensical Plan Comes Together

Amber and Crosby hatch a scheme to save the studio, forgetting that new bands don't come with big bags of cash! 2014.11.14S06.E08

Splitting Up The House (Or Not)

While Joel decides to be the hero of his divorce mediation and give Julia the house free and clear, Sarah and Sandy clash over Ruby again, and Amber sucks as a temp mom. 2014.11.07S06.E07

Love Among The Potpourri Of Freaks

A three-month time jump brings Max closer to Dylan...but does it bring Dylan closer to Max? 2014.10.31S06.E06

Everyone Knows Zeek Isn't Actually Dying, Right?

While some Bravermans freak out about Zeek not feeling like taking a walk since his open-heart surgery five minutes ago, others are intrigued by glamorous new Academy students. 2014.10.17S06.E04

Parenthood Extracts Your Tears With Surgical Precision

As Zeek goes under the knife, Ruby forces Hank to acknowledge her existence. 2014.10.10S06.E03

CBS Throws Masters And Johnson Under The Bus

Like so many reality TV 'victims' before him, Bill has a problem with the editing in the documentary about the study. Unlike most reality TV whiners, however, he has a plan to address the situation. 2014.09.29S02.E12

Zeek Braverman's Vegas Vacation

While Sarah takes Zeek on a surprise birthday getaway to Las Vegas, Adam works on convincing Max that he should attend the school his...parents built for him. 2014.09.26S06.E01

Let There Be Light (After The Electric Company Confirms The Masters Clinic Actually Did Pay Its Bill)

Though the lights briefly do go out at the office, all the characters make up for it by engaging in some pretty illuminating conversations. YES, PUN INTENDED. 2014.09.14S02.E10

Let Me Tell You The Story Of My Flaccid Penis

Bill's psychologically damaged wiener continues to dictate his actions, and Virginia's lies start to catch up with her. 2014.09.07S02.E09

Unresponsive Genitals

While Bill tries to find a cure for his subpar member, Libby sees what it's like not to be a racist creep. 2014.08.31S02.E08

Just A Couple Of Masters-Lovin' Ladies

Which means that if they were both going to be honest, they could both talk about what a disappointment he is! 2014.08.24S02.E07

Why Are Women So Anxious To Enter The Workforce When It Mostly Sucks?

While Coral has to be asking herself how much of Libby's crap she's willing to put up with for a paycheque, Virginia gets guff from all her bosses. 2014.08.03S02.E04

Virginia Learns That It's Hard To Be Taken Seriously As A Scientist After Everyone's Seen Your Boobs

While Virginia gets a harsh introduction the real Dr. Ditmer, Bill learns that his new job has some unforeseen drawbacks. 2014.07.20S02.E02

Ranking The Terrible Kids Of Parenthood

Parenthood features one of the largest child casts in primetime. Also, some of the very worst kid characters. Let us count the ways! 2014.01.10

Michael J. Rox! (Sorry.)

The Michael J. Fox Show is on its way to being great. 2013.10.04S01.E03

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