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Ranking Hypothetical Agents Of SHIELD Marvel Universe Pairings

If the SHIELD agents got to date outside their show, what would their pairings be called? 2017.02.01S04.E12

Sherlock Lets The Dog Have His Day

In the season (series?) finale, Eurus makes our boys jump through some pretty messed-up hoops, and the truth behind Redbeard is revealed. 2017.01.16S04.E03

Will Sherlock And Watson Survive A Sister Act?

And is anything actually what it is? 2017.01.09S04.E02

Sherlock: It's Your Density

Er, DESTINY. Either way, your favorite characters are suffering some pretty miserable fates. And this show is running out of ideas. 2017.01.02S04.E01

Watch Benedict Cumberbatch Read The Tale Of The 2016 Election On The Late Late Show

Seems like it's pitched to be appropriate for kids. Maybe isn't? 2016.11.08

Check Out The Best Of Last Night's Saturdict Cumbernight Live

Benedict Cumberbatch's Saturday Night Live starts out great, but gets a little strange. 2016.11.06S42.E05

Watch Benedict Cumberbatch And Jimmy Fallon Play 'Mad Lib Theater' On The Tonight Show

Oh, crumbs! (Wait, this is Benedict Cumberbatch, not Hugh Grant.) 2016.11.04

Watch A Doctor Strange-esque Teaser Trailer For This Week's Saturday Night Live

Let's see if Cumberbatch can handle live television. (He probably can.) 2016.11.02

Benedict Cumberbatch Will Be Hosting The November 5th Episode Of Saturday Night Live

Solange Knowles will be joining him, which should equal a pretty terrific show. 2016.10.24S42.E05

Watch Jimmy Kimmel Hire Benedict Cumberbatch's Doctor Strange On Jimmy Kimmel Live

He shows up late, so obviously Kimmel's first impression isn't totally wonderful. 2016.10.21

Benedict Cumberbatch Is Hinting That Season 4 Of Sherlock May Be The Last

Which means it'll probably end and then return on Netflix in five years. 2016.10.04

Sherlock Is Back (In Time)!

For its holiday special, Sherlock makes it actually special by going all the way back to the Victorian era. Cue the hat! 2016.01.02

Be A Private Detective, Or Just Look Like One

For Dick Week, we've assembled the ultimate private detective outfit with the help of some of TV's greatest dicks. 2015.03.26

Graham Norton Offers Cocktails And Talk, And What Else Is There, Really?

Take a talk show, make the guests interact for an hour, add a charming Irish comic host and sprinkle liberally with booze and inappropriate humor. Voilà! 2014.10.03

Sherlock's Truthful TV Title Card

Another title card from a more honest place. 2014.07.24

Are You On Your Computer? Don't Make Us Watch

It's perfectly sane to believe internet usage makes boring TV. 2014.04.23

Benedict Cumberbatch Shows Off His Mastery Of Counting

He's not really Sherlock Holmes, but he's no slouch. 2014.02.04

The Season Squee Finale

In Sherlock's final episode of the season, Sherlock goes through rather more physical trauma than usual. Also: Redbeard revealed! 2014.02.02S03.E03

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