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Should You Enlist In Six?

Or will History's new military drama leave you wanting an early discharge? 2017.01.17S01.E01

What If Revenge Didn't Have To End?

Did you know, in an alternate timeline, ABC made several Revenge spinoffs? 2015.05.10

Cops And Robbers

A lot's changed on Revenge! ...Just kidding; nothing has. 2014.09.29S04.E01

Everyone Died On Revenge!

Not really! But while some did die in the season finale, some lived -- and some discovered a third option! 2014.05.12S03.E22

The Dope Show

On Revenge's penultimate episode of Season 3, someone is duped into duping someone else who's also been duped! 2014.05.05S03.E21

Joining The Rotary Club

Something really gross happened on Revenge this week! But was it the worst thing? 2014.04.28S03.E20

Meet The Cutest Newborn In The History Of TV Sci-Fi

Oc-baby-a is also the only "aw" in a veritable barrage of "un! comfortable!" in this week's The 100, which Sarah has listed in awkw-order. 2014.04.23S01.E07

Sharpies And Dullies

Emily used to be the only person on Revenge who knew what was going on. Is she still even in the top three? 2014.04.14S03.E19

Toxic Schlock Syndrome

Revenge uses one of the oldest tropes in the book to make a plot point work, and MATT DEBENHAM WILL NOT STAND FOR IT. 2014.04.07S03.E18

Is Revenge Still An 'Addiction'-worthy Show?

With a fourth season all but certain, what does this week's episode tell us about the future of Revenge? 2014.03.31S03.E17

Putting The 'Dolt' Back In 'Dolce & Gabbana'

Sarah reviews the outfits from Revenge's night at the (soap) opera. 2014.03.25S03.E16

Ain't Patrick's Day

A look at the styles on the latest Revenge. 2014.03.18S03.E15

Let's Hear It For The Girl

Who's first and who's worst in the Revenge Evil Plan-dex? 2014.01.13S03.E12

Say Good Night, Graysons

A handful of alternate resolutions for the "Emily got shot" cliffhanger. 2014.01.06S03.E11

Three's A Crowd

A tedious, clueless, tonsorially challenged, sanctimonious crowd. All of Emily's suitors are snoozers, but who's the worst? 2013.11.19


What might have been going through Nolan and Jack's minds on last night's Revenge. 2013.11.04S03.E06

The Bitch Is Back

And the other bitch. And the one with the cravat, too. And it is GREAT. 2013.10.21S03.E04

Four Things I Hate About You

And by 'you,' we mean 'the season premiere of Revenge.' And by 'four,' we actually only mean four. 2013.09.30S03.E01

Revenge Is A Dish Best Served To Someone Else

Sorry, Nolan. (Call me!) 2013.04.29S02.E19

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