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Do We See A Future With Erica On Doctor Who?

Or has she merely blinded the Doctor with science? 2017.05.28S10.E07

Which Housemates Are Just What Doctor Who Ordered?

It's time to rank the new companion’s new companions. 2017.05.07S10.E04

Doctor Who's New Sidekick Takes Her Time

In an infinite universe, is there a finite number of ways to bring a character on board the TARDIS? 2017.04.16S10.E01

Superfriends Turn On Each Other In A Flash

Barry puts together a supergroup to fight off an alien invasion, but the aliens have other plans. 2016.11.30S03.E08

Is Supergirl Becoming A Supporting Character On Her Own Show?

Kara's friends have problems of their own; are they going to suck the life out of her? 2016.11.15S02.E06

Stein Meets Einstein In Legends Of Tomorrow's Season 2 Premiere

They say never meet your heroes, but this one helps the team stop an A-bomb. BUT AT WHAT COST? (Unclear, really.) 2016.10.13S02.E01

The Legends Of Tomorrow Learn Savage's Ultimate Plan

Can they stop him before it's too late? 2016.05.20S01.E16

The Legends Of Tomorrow Seize Their Own Destiny

But doing so comes at a very high price. 2016.05.13S01.E15

The Legends Of Tomorrow Reach The End Of Time

But are the Time Masters happy to see them? 2016.05.06S01.E14

The Legends Of Tomorrow Confront A Moral Dilemma

And Kendra's the one on whom the decision rests. 2016.04.29S01.E13

The Pilgrim's Lack Of Progress Against The Legends of Tomorrow

Another time-traveling assassin comes after the team, with unsurprising results. 2016.04.22S01.E12

A Hex Is Cast Upon The Legends Of Tomorrow

The Legends deliver a town called Salvation, with an assist from an old friend of Rip's. 2016.04.15S01.E11

The Legends Of Tomorrow Take On An Heir Apparent

And one among them has to decide if he can stomach killing the kid. 2016.04.08S01.E10

The Legends Of Tomorrow Experience A Past Prologue

Sara's past with the League of Assassins comes into sharp relief. 2016.04.01S01.E09

The Legends Of Tomorrow Learn That 1958 Is For The Birds

Our heroes seek their madman in the days before Mad Men. 2016.03.11S01.E08

The Legends Of Tomorrow Meet Time Pirates

And the run-in leads to the reassessment of certain relationships. 2016.03.04S01.E07

The Legends Of Tomorrow Run Into An Old Friend

You'll NEVER GUESS who it is if you avoid looking at the guest credits! 2016.02.26S01.E06

Legends Of Tomorrow Puts White Canary On The Hot Seat

Will she go back to her assassin ways? 2016.02.19S01.E05

The Calm Before The (Fire-) Storm

The Legends track Savage to 1986 USSR, but their conflict is anything but a cold war. 2016.02.12S01.E04

Jagged Little Pills Tear Up Legends Of Tomorrow

Atom races to save Kendra from the tiny shards headed for her heart. 2016.02.05S01.E03

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