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Battle Of The '90s Wednesday-Night Primetime Cocksmen: Jack McKay vs. Jack McCoy

The Scotch-drinking, indifferent-haired 'heroes' of two TV classics face off at last. 2016.06.30

Has Vinyl's Richie 'Heard The Future' Yet?

And other pressing questions sparked by this week's episode of Vinyl. 2016.03.07S01.E04

Can Vinyl's Richie Ever Not Overreact To His Consumption Of Drugs Or Alcohol?

And more not-quite-burning questions about the latest episode of Vinyl. 2016.02.29S01.E03

Battle Of The Characters Who Had Legendarily WTF Exits From Law & Order, Played By Actors With Four-Letter Germanic Last Names

Logan broke a councilman's face; Southerlyn broke the internet. Whose ouster is the winner? 2015.12.17S05.E23

Vote For The Best Law & Order Fantasy Draft Team!

The winner gets Buntsy points and a DonorsChoose.org donation! We need YOUR verdict! 2015.12.15

Double Vision: The Law & Order Franchise Farm Team

Where have you seen that Law & Order star before? Probably on a different episode of Law & Order. Lilit Marcus counts down some of the most notable returnees. 2015.12.15

Of Smoky Rooms And Smoking Guns

With Claire charming Iowans and threatening Heather's frontrunner status, Heather reaches back seven or eight episodes for a piece of evidence that could destroy the Underwood dynasty altogether. 2015.05.07S03.E12

Take The Fifth (Estate) (...Please)

Sarah and the Poe Head talk TV reporter tropes, fantasy-casting Carroll frere, and whether Poe Head needs a haircut. 2014.03.11S02.E10

Poe: 'No.'

The Poe Head and I both hated the season finale. Um, spoiler? 2013.04.30S01.E15

Carroll Cult 15, White-Hat Stupidity 0

As Renaissance superman Joe Carroll escapes on a boat, the Poe Head and I long for an unlikely crossover event. 2013.04.23S01.E14

Answer The Question, Claire

Is there anything Joe Carroll can't do? 2013.04.09S01.E12


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