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Smash Found A Peanut

The rewatch reaches the potentially fatal end of Season 1, and our commentators' emotions are as mixed as smoothie ingredients. 2015.06.11

CBS Throws Masters And Johnson Under The Bus

Like so many reality TV 'victims' before him, Bill has a problem with the editing in the documentary about the study. Unlike most reality TV whiners, however, he has a plan to address the situation. 2014.09.29S02.E12

...The Big Banging Theory?

Masters and Johnson are filmed for a CBS documentary. Guess which one of them sucks at that, too? 2014.09.21S02.E11

Let There Be Light (After The Electric Company Confirms The Masters Clinic Actually Did Pay Its Bill)

Though the lights briefly do go out at the office, all the characters make up for it by engaging in some pretty illuminating conversations. YES, PUN INTENDED. 2014.09.14S02.E10

Let Me Tell You The Story Of My Flaccid Penis

Bill's psychologically damaged wiener continues to dictate his actions, and Virginia's lies start to catch up with her. 2014.09.07S02.E09

Unresponsive Genitals

While Bill tries to find a cure for his subpar member, Libby sees what it's like not to be a racist creep. 2014.08.31S02.E08

Just A Couple Of Masters-Lovin' Ladies

Which means that if they were both going to be honest, they could both talk about what a disappointment he is! 2014.08.24S02.E07

Dr. Masters Learns There Is Such A Thing As Bad Publicity

While Bill tries to do an end-run around Hendricks with a puff piece in a newspaper, Virginia and Lillian's friendship is tested again, and Betty and Helen's gets more complicated. 2014.08.17S02.E06

Reunited, And It Feels No Good

While Bill and Virginia resume their professional relationship somewhere other than a hotel room, Betty gets a visit from an old friend! Those are always fun. 2014.08.10S02.E05

Why Are Women So Anxious To Enter The Workforce When It Mostly Sucks?

While Coral has to be asking herself how much of Libby's crap she's willing to put up with for a paycheque, Virginia gets guff from all her bosses. 2014.08.03S02.E04

Virginia Learns That It's Hard To Be Taken Seriously As A Scientist After Everyone's Seen Your Boobs

While Virginia gets a harsh introduction the real Dr. Ditmer, Bill learns that his new job has some unforeseen drawbacks. 2014.07.20S02.E02

Alton, Illinois Is For Lovers

It's where the elite meet when they don't want anyone they know in St. Louis to see them doing something they really probably shouldn't. 2014.07.13S02.E01

Mrs. Masters's Second Act

Dr. Masters's widowed mother dares to start a new kind of life — and she's not alone. 2013.11.25S01.E09

Wieners And Losers

A mayoral candidate sexts half the internet as Barba Takes! It! Personally! on last night's SVU. 2013.10.24S15.E06

Men Know What Men Like

It took three episodes, but Masters Of Sex FINALLY got around to showing us some gay stuff. IMPORTANT gay stuff. 2013.10.14S01.E03

Who'll Come Out On Top?

Ranking the sex acts of the Masters Of Sex pilot according to how hot they are. 2013.09.20S01.E01

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