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American Crime Story Is Out Of Time

It's the end of the line for Andrew Cunanan, but for others, a long sad story is just beginning in our Epic Old-School Recap of the season finale. 2018.03.21S02.E09

Jack Of All Trades, Master Of One On American Crime Story

And that one is lying, as 'Creator/Destroyer' paints a portrait of the (bullshit) artist as a young man in our Epic Old-School Recap. 2018.03.14S02.E08

American Crime Story Must Be Talked About, Or It Is Nothing

Andrew Cunanan and Donatella Versace both begin to come into their own -- but only one of them feels entitled, and only one of them is correct -- in this Epic Old-School Recap of S02.E07, 'Ascent.' 2018.03.07S02.E07

Not The One

Andrew Cunanan's manipulations -- and druggy delusions -- start to trip him up as his 'Descent' begins in American Crime Story S02.E06. 2018.02.28S02.E06

The Rocky Horror Picture Show Is Simulated Sleaze

But what's wrong with simulated sleaze? It prepares children for the real thing. 2016.10.21

Masters Of Sex Starts Mounting Its Legal Defense

Hee hee, 'mounting.' The clinic's clinicians meet with the criminal lawyer who'll be handling their pandering charge, a new pair of patients may have them dealing with another legal matter soon. 2016.09.25S04.E03

Masters Of Sex Turns Its Central Partnership Into A Fourgy (Not Literally) (Yet...?)

As Virginia and Bill try to continue having inextricably linked careers, everyone around them has to suffer. Let's rank the characters according to who had the most fun, most sexy week! 2016.09.18S04.E02

As The Masters Of Sex Try To Master Life Apart, Who's Having The Funnest, Sexiest Time?

America's foremost sex researchers commit not to commit to each other. How's that going? 2016.09.11S04.E01

Masters Of Sex Demonstrates Why Pioneering Sex Researchers Should Have Lawyers On Retainer

The consequences of Bill's recklessness leaves some doubt as to whether The Work can continue. (There is no doubt about whether Lizzy Caplan is going to keep pronouncing it 'whorrkh,' alas.) 2015.09.27S03.E12

Masters Of Sex Cordially Invites You To Dine On Five Courses Of AWKWARD

Since he and Virginia are in New York to pitch their publishers their next book, Bill thought he'd invite Dan and his wife to have dinner with them! Won't that be fun?! 2015.09.20S03.E11

Masters of Sex Gives Virginia and Libby The Chance To Escape Bill Forever

Everyone's busting out of Plato's cave/Bill's parking garage. 2015.09.13S03.E10

Masters Of Sex's Surrogacy Program Pushes Masters And Johnson Toward Their Substitutes For Each Other

In case you didn't understand the way 'Surrogates' kept coming up in all the storylines of the last episode (not to mention as its title), this week's offers much more of the same. 2015.09.06S03.E09

Masters Of Sex Makes Some Risky Bets In Las Vegas And St. Louis

When Virginia fakes sick to have a dirty/professionally productive weekend in Sin City, Bill decides to overrule her and start a sex-surrogate training program all on his own, taking special interest in one volunteer who's clearly trouble. 2015.08.30S03.E08

Masters Of Sex Gets Some Parental Guidance

Tessa invites Virginia's parents for a surprise visit in the hopes of busting Virginia and Bill, while Bill is forced to pay some attention to his son. 2015.08.09S03.E05

Masters Of Sex Brings Back One Of Its Masters Of Acting

Allison Janney returns to break our hearts again, while elsewhere, Bill tries something new: getting his way by being nice. 2015.08.02S03.E04

Masters Of Sex Shows The Repercussions Of Publishing A Book Called Human Sexual Response

Solicitations from fragrance people! Your child's schoolmates calling you 'Sex Mom'! Death threats! Scholarship is fun. 2015.07.26S03.E03

Masters Of Sex Throws A Book Launch Party!

Well...not so much a 'party' as a press conference full of extremely confrontational journalists. It's almost enough to make Virginia and Bill long for their extremely awkward weekend at the lake house four months earlier! 2015.07.12S03.E01

Broadway, Here We Come!

It's a tune you can hum. And will, for days. Sorry. 2015.06.18

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