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Who's The Biggest Baby On Halt And Catch Fire?

Cameron's bummed about going home again, Donna's bummed about butting heads with Cameron, Joe's bummed about a possible health scare, and Gordon is...his usual self. Quite a collection of sadsacks we've got on this show. 2016.09.13S03.E05

Is Halt And Catch Fire's Boz Well?

The normally awesome John Bosworth mopes his way through this episode. Then again, everyone's a bit unhappy except Gordon, and isn't it weird to read that sentence? 2016.09.06S03.E04

Idealism Battles Capitalism For The Soul Of Joe's Antivirus Software On Halt And Catch Fire

Ryan discovers that Joe may not be a great guy, while Diane discovers that Boz definitely is. 2016.08.31S03.E03

No Means No On Halt And Catch Fire

Donna and Cameron can't get a VC to say yes to their latest plans. Ryan can't get Joe to hire him. And Gordon just can't catch a break. 2016.08.23S03.E02

Is Halt And Catch Fire Living the California Dream?

The state may have changed -- we've swapped Texas out for California -- but Donna and Cameron are still struggling to build a business, Gordon's still a sadsack, and Joe's still a creeping menace. 2016.08.22S03.E01

Scandal Juggles First, Second, And Third Ladies

When Fitz acts out with women, Liv tries to remind him who he really is. Meanwhile, Cyrus and Lizzie keep on scheming, and Liv can't figure out Jake's endgame. 2016.03.10S05.E13

Ulterior Motives

Olivia tries to figure out her father and Jake's true motives on Scandal, while Cyrus and Lizzie continue to use and abuse people to further their plots to elect the next President. 2016.02.26S05.E12

The X-Files Limps To The Finish Line

There's filler, and then there's FILLER. 2016.02.23S10.E06

An Unlikely Alliance On Scandal

Liv and Mellie finally realize that without that drip Fitz, they can combine powers and rule the known world, or at least the United States. 2016.02.19S05.E11

The Prodigal Son Returns

And Lea Michele shows up for what appears to be no reason at all. 2014.10.14S07.E06

Who Snitched?

The Sons deal with the consequences of their actions, but who's really to blame? Whoever snitched. 2014.10.07S07.E05

Genderqueers Of Androgyny

Marilyn Manson and Walton Goggins's transgender character return for an episode that asks the big questions about sexual identity. 2014.09.30S07.E04

1-9ers And Racist One-Liners

More ho-hum violence is briefly alleviated by an exciting guest star! 2014.09.23S07.E03


How Sons-y is Jax's crazy campaign against Lin? 2014.09.16S07.E02

Back In The Saddle (And Hat)

The DEA pulls Hank off leave. And not so the agents can take him out for lunch. 2014.09.03S02.E09

Michael Emerson Telekinetically Conjures Up The Brady Bunch Through The Power Of Loneliness

And other more accurate episode loglines for the ninth and final season of The X Files. 2014.08.27

A Half-Man Half-Bat Killer Is On The Loose, As DC Comics Lawyers Watch And Listen Very Carefully

And other more accurate episode loglines for the eighth season of The X Files. 2014.08.20

The Bridge's Ray Of Sunshine

Finally, someone who got in bed with the cartel and still managed to keep his joie de vivre! 2014.07.30S02.E04

Your Cheating Heart Will Make You Weep

On The Bridge, Marco learns a lot of hard lessons. 2013.09.19S01.E11

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