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Turn Out The Lights

As Constantine goes dark indefinitely, we ask, did it ever really go dark enough? 2015.02.14S01.E13

An Angel Cometh

Blow Gabriel -- or some other angel, if you prefer. 2015.02.07S01.E12

Eat Right And Exorcise

Maybe a month off is just what the witch-doctor ordered. 2015.01.17S01.E09

Wanted: One Magical Mulligan

Where would John Constantine be now if he hadn't bungled the exorcism in Newcastle? 2014.12.13S01.E08

Fallen Angel

Manny finally puts his hands on the heart of the matter. 2014.12.06S01.E07

Ask An Angel

Got a tricky problem to solve? Do like John Constantine and consult the Manny-ual. 2014.11.29S01.E06

Pros And Constantine

Is the demon-fighting drama finding its cloven hooves? 2014.11.21S01.E05

Doctor John?

The parallels between John Constantine and a certain other character from British fantasy are becoming unavoidable. 2014.11.08S01.E03

Demon-Fighting Duds

That's John Constantine's look and he's sticking to it. 2014.11.01S01.E02


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