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The Flash Meets A Specter Of The Past

And he's not too happy about Barry's latest time-travel shenanigans. 2016.03.30S02.E17

Why Couldn't NBC Give Smash That One More Chance?

Adam and Tara's rewatch reaches its big finish. Snif! 2015.07.09

Smash Finally Wins Pin The Leading Lady On The Musical

The latest run of episodes in the Smash rewatch finds Karen and Ivy each headlining the right musical (and lots of ex-Rent stars telling off lots of Bombshell boobs). 2015.07.02

Smash Celebrates The Voices Of A New Generation

It's fun, but it's not perfect: rewatchers Adam and Tara decide whether to let the broken pieces go. 2015.06.25

Broadway, Here We Come!

It's a tune you can hum. And will, for days. Sorry. 2015.06.18

Maybe Next Time Carry A Flashlight?

Barry goes up against a teleporting metahuman who has one major weakness: poor planning. 2015.02.04S01.E12

Queen's Gambit

A gay villain (awesome) tortures chess metaphors (less awesome) and tries to kill The Flash (even less awesome). 2015.01.28S01.E11

Hit List Rises From Smash's Ashes

One of Smash's fake musicals is now a real musical and it's...kind of great? 2013.12.11

Death Of A Bunch Of Showgirls

Goodbye, Smash, you stupid idiot of a show. 2013.05.28S02.E16

Unjustly Cocky Julia

Lady, you need to get over yourself, right now. 2013.04.08S02.E10

No One Who Writes For 'Smash' Can Anticipate Critics' Bitchy Puns

Which is surprising since who could be more conversant with how bitchy critics can be? 2013.02.20S02.E03


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