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EPIC OLD-SCHOOL RECAP: The Law & Order: SVU Premiere Tries To Get Smart

Amy Smart, that is. Also, a different Noah, same old boring peril; Luke from Nashville is a monster; and Cassidy's back! 2017.11.29S19.E01

Should You Enter A Shades Of Blue Period?

NBC's J. Liotta take on a police-corruption double-cross is flawed in its inception...but it might still work. 2016.01.07S01.E01

Project Greenlight Is At A Blinking Red

Release the show to Hulu; better yet, relaunch it for the Kickstarter age. 2014.03.28

When Detroit Tries To Light Him Up, Boyd Hatches A Plan

As insurance policies go, a hidden half-shipment of heroin is not bad. Meanwhile, Raylan has to deal with a violent attack on one of the few people left that he actually cares about. 2014.03.25S05.E11

Where In The World Is Dewey Crowe? Also, All The Heroin?

While Darryl and Boyd strategize about their 'situation,' Kendal goes on the run. (Raylan gets involved in all of it, of course.) 2014.03.18S05.E10

Justified Welcomes The King Of The Deadbeat Dads

While Kyle Bornheimer acts against type as a worthless scumbag, Boyd works on getting his cargo over the Mexican border. 2014.03.04S05.E08

Raylan Learns That If You Cross Art, You're Gonna Get Walk-Ins

While Raylan learns the hard way what phone phreaking is, some Crowders go south of the border, and another finds solace through worship/drug trafficking. 2014.02.25S05.E07

Daryl, His Brother Danny, And His Other Cousin Dewey...Are Insane

Kidnapping, menacing, and picking fights with the Aryan Brotherhood are just a few of the crimes the Crowes get into — but they're also making new friends! 2014.02.11S05.E06

Chickens And Crowes Come Home To Roost

Old 'friends' return to mess up Raylan's life in the latest Justified. 2014.02.04S05.E05

Raylan Messers Around Harlan County

When Wade goes missing, Raylan finds out there's actually a pretty good reason to try to track him down (other than...you know, the sanctity of all human life or whatever). 2014.01.28S05.E04

Raylan Of Hassle Manor

As he continues occupying Monroe's giant house, Raylan is beset by a dirtbag with a baseball bat, and a maid looking in on the $100K koi. 2014.01.21S05.E03

Young Slingers In Love: A Justified Romance

Loretta returns to bring us a teen love story we're not likely to see on The CW anytime soon. 2014.01.14S05.E02

Brought To You By Whupass Lager

When Noel opens a can on Ben, it's one of this author's favorite Felicity moments. 2013.07.12S02.E16


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