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The Librarians Kicks Off The Battle Of The Red-Haired Magical Initiates

Cassandra Cillian takes on Buffy's Willow Rosenberg. Hey now, be nice. 2016.12.05S03.E03

Clayne Crawford Is A Secret (Lethal) Weapon

But the Rectify star is about to be an unknown no more. 2016.09.28

Star Trek: TNG's Borg vs. Buffy's Adam Face Off In The Battle Of Monotonous Frankenvillains With Lots Of Stuff Glued To Them

Which cautionary tale about artificial intelligence is more likely to make us put our iPhones in the blender? 2016.07.28

How Many More Times Will Sophie Have To Prove Herself On Sleepy Hollow?

And other not-quite-burning questions about 'Into The Wild.' 2016.03.12S03.E14

If You Like Pained Grimaces, You'll Love Helen Hunt's Hollywood Game Night Début!

Think she looks barely tolerant in this posed photograph? Well, Helen Hunt's response to potential fun is, apparently, indistinguishable from her response to a waking colonoscopy. 2016.01.06S04.E01

'We're Gonna Win'

The Buffy Rewatch comes to an end. 2015.04.23

Wasted Potentials

Interesting ideas and good acting circle a repetitious and disorganized narrative drain as the Buffy Rewatch nears the end. 2015.04.17

Third Through Sixth Verses, Same As The First (Evil)

The Big Bad throws down a mean-girl gauntlet in the Buffy Rewatch. 2015.04.10

Stand Around And Don't Really Deliver

The static first section of Buffy's final season. 2015.04.01

This Magic Moment

Willow's long, strange trip comes to an end as Sarah's Buffy Rewatch closes out Season 6. 2015.03.19

Nasty, Brutish, And Taking Too Long

When Riley's livening things up, your show gots probs. 2015.03.12


Welcome to The Marti Noxon Magi-Crack Grudge-Bone Family Hour. Does the fun ever start? 2015.03.05

Here Be Dragons

The Buffy Rewatch takes on the good ideas, bad executions (as it were) of Season 6. 2015.02.26

With Heavy Hearts

The Buffy Rewatch contemplates Slayer solitude. (And sartorial non-splendor.) 2015.02.02

A Lot Of Filing, And Giving Things Names

The Buffy Rewatch finds a lot to love -- and to mourn -- in the second half of Season 4. 2014.09.10

Initiative Rituals

Season 4 finally gets it in gear -- with a few exceptions. 2014.09.03

The Old College Try

Veruca. Cave Buffy. That's the worst of it, but the rest of Season 4 so far isn't a whole lot better as the Buffy Rewatch heads to UC Sunnydale. 2014.08.27

Congratulations, Class Of 1999

The whole of Buffy's third season is greater than the sum of its parts -- and still the greatest of the series. 2014.08.20

Watching The Watchers

Wesley arrives, Faith goes off the rails, and the Buffy Rewatch continues. 2014.08.13

Dust In The Wind

S3 is something of a letdown, with one legendary exception. Sarah explains in the Buffy Rewatch. 2014.08.06

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