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Doctor Who's New Sidekick Takes Her Time

In an infinite universe, is there a finite number of ways to bring a character on board the TARDIS? 2017.04.16S10.E01

The Doctor Who Christmas Special Takes Us To The River

And the Doctor celebrates with a Song in his heart. 2015.12.26S09.E13

What Evil Lurks In The Hearts Of Man? You'd Know If You Were Chasing Shadows

The Wheel of Murder makes a stop in London Town to pick up their latest prickly, misunderstood detective. 2015.08.07

The Clock Strikes Twelve

Matt Smith and the Doctor Who Marathon Diary bid a heartsfelt farewell. 2014.08.19


In the back end of Season 7, everything old is new again and everything else is even newer. 2014.08.12S07.E12

Requiem For A Brigadier

There's one character death that Steven Moffat can't take back. 2014.07.29

Season 6 Doesn't Suck

The back end of the Eleventh Doctor's second season reaches 'Closing Time.' 2014.07.22

Bends In The River

The Marathon Diary temporarily becomes a father-son activity. 2014.07.15

Why Don't You Marry It, Then?

Series 6 launches with a predictably epic mytharc, but a Monster Of The Week episode is the Marathon Diarist's new favorite. 2014.07.08

Wibbly-Wobbly Timey-Wimey Stuff

As the Eleventh Doctor figures out why time is full of cracks, the Marathon Diarist explores the cracks in Series 5. 2014.07.01

Ripples In The Pond

The Marathon Diarist wades deeper into the story of the Eleventh Doctor and his ginger companion. 2014.06.24


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