Tag: aimee carrero

'Well, Maybe You Do Things Wrong.'

A teenage hacker helps crack a case while Jane and Weller try to avoid Doing It until sweeps. 2015.10.27S01.E06

Chevy Makes Good Things Happen For The Decadent Bourgeoisie

Philip's Camaro doesn't make him happy for long, thank you very much President Reagan! 2014.04.16S02.E08

You Can't Break Into The Arpanet Without Roughing Up Some REALLY Unprepared Nerds

While Philip plants a comically enormous bug on an even more gigantic server, Nina learns to fool a polygraph with the power of her butt. 2014.04.09S02.E07

Sitting With The Enemy

Elizabeth and Philip finally get a sitdown with possible spy-killer Larrick, but since we're only halfway through the season, maybe he's not the guy? 2014.04.02S02.E06

The Soviets Colonize Chesapeake

As the KGB tries to figure out who killed Emmett, Leanne, and their daughter, Philip takes a trip to Chesapeake to find out what Mr. Brush Pass actually knows. 2014.03.05S02.E02


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