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Why Does Ripper Street Keep Mistaking 'Cryptic' For 'Confusing'?

And other almost-burning questions about the fourth-season premiere. 2016.07.28S04.E01

The Sunny Side Of The Street

Accepting Ripper Street's imperfections let Sarah D. Bunting enjoy the third season. 2015.06.17S03.E08

Masterpiece Mystery

Reid's back, and he brought a top-notch episode with him. 2015.06.03S03.E06

Reids Between The Lines

How flawless acting and a crime-nerd puzzle bailed out a tiresome subplot. 2015.05.20S03.E04

Bed Of Roses?

It's just like Ripper Street to screw up a perfectly good romantic pairing. Did they? 2015.05.13S03.E03

And If Ye Suffer For Self-Righteousness's Sake

Detective Inspector Edmund Reid doesn't just bear the scars of a burn. He can dole out a pretty sick one, too. 2015.05.06S03.E02

A Rose By Any Other Name Should Also Get With Drake

They love each other. He's single again. Quit teasing us and marry them off already, Ripper Street. 2015.04.29S03.E01

Mind The Gap

The Divide's finale is exciting, but it may have driven the train off a bridge. Sarah reviews the first season. 2014.08.28S01.E08

Battle Of The Mixed-Blessing Releases From Prison

Terry Kucik's homecoming on The Divide isn't the happiest one. How does it stack up against Daniel Holden's on Rectify? 2014.07.30S01.E04

Should You Try To Bridge The Divide?

WEtv rolls in heavy with a death-row procedural from Scandal's Tony Goldwyn -- and overrules most of Sarah's objections. 2014.07.16S01.E01


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