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Switched At Birth Signs Off

Ranking the most (and least) satisfying moments as the Kennish-Vasquez clan says goodbye. 2017.04.11S05.E10

Switched At Birth Looks For That Loving Feeling

So just how much do you want to know about John's 'equipment'? 2017.03.09S05.E06

Can Switched At Birth's Daphne And Iris Get Past Mingo-Gate?

As Switched At Birth puts a friendship on the line, Sarah Beckham has questions! 2017.02.07S05.E02

Switched At Birth Returns For The Beginning Of The End

What's changed after Bay and Daphne's time in China? 2017.01.31S05.E01

Fuller House Celebrates The New Year By Bringing Up Old Grudges

Danny, Jesse, and Joey finally take off their hugging and learning gloves and get real. But who drops the most devastating truth bomb in S02.E13? 2016.12.16S02.E13

Pretty Much Everybody On Fuller House Pairs Up for Christmas

Love is in the air instead of snow, so it's time to judge and rank the new and classic relationships as portrayed in S02.E12! 2016.12.16S02.E12

The Fullest Fuller House Is Also The Spookiest

It’s Halloween in S02.E04, so let’s just throw out all time and logic! 2016.12.13S02.E04

Ask Fuller House's Wild-And-Crazy Aunt

She's not like a regular aunt, okay? She's a cool aunt. 2016.12.12S02.E03

A Match Made In A Fuller House

There's a new Gibbler in town, but this one seems like a keeper. 2016.12.12S02.E02

Switched At Birth Says Goodbye, Hello, And...Huh?

Switched At Birth ends the season with more open ends than closure. 2015.10.27S04.E20

Switched At Birth Cowgirls Up

Switched At Birth mulls questions of standing by your man -- and your art. 2015.10.05S04.E17

Guess Who's Coming To A Kennish Dinner On Switched At Birth?

Seriously, why couldn't the Kennishes guess this? This is just one of the puzzlers sparked by the latest Switched At Birth. 2015.09.28S04.E16

Can Bay And Regina Weather Regina's New Life?

Bay worries about losing Regina to new love, and the suburbs, on Switched At Birth. 2015.09.14S04.E14

Bills, Bills, Bills

The past takes its toll on Switched at Birth. 2015.09.01S04.E12

Switched At Birth Faces The Music In Its Midseason Premiere

Everyone's laying down hard truths all over town, and Sarah Beckham is here for it. 2015.08.25S04.E11

That's A Wrap

The winter finale of Switched At Birth leaves us some awkwardness as a parting gift. 2015.03.11S04.E10

Fools Rush In

While Daphne continues getting the full college experience by rushing a sorority, Bay distracts herself from her own relationship drama by getting way too involved in Travis's. 2015.03.04S04.E09

A Break In The Clouds

People actually smile on Switched at Birth this week. And then there's Mingo. But let's focus on the smiles. 2015.02.25S04.E08

More Like The BM Story

Lifetime made a movie inspired by the life and death of Brittany Murphy; Tara Ariano, Sarah D. Bunting, and John Ramos watched it for you. 2014.09.06


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