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Watch Adam Driver's SNL Promos

Warning: may cause you to crave diner fries. 2016.01.13S41.E10

Do Not Girls Gentle Into That Good Night

As Girls announces its end date, we predict some of the characters' finale-fitting faceplants. 2016.01.06

Into The Breech

It's a night for all the Girls to take a big step: Shosh, Marnie, Jessa, Hannah, and Jessa-Hannah. 2015.03.23S04.E10

Bad News, Worse News

Hannah tries to pretend she's cool with new developments instead of just trying to pretend she's cool. 2015.03.15S04.E09

Who's Your Daddy

Hannah's drama is finally overshadowed, and Elijah is finally proven right. 2015.03.08S04.E08

Exes And Oh Noes

Time for Hannah to show the world how much she's moved on from Adam -- who in turn gets Slapped with some disturbing information. 2015.03.01S04.E07

Those Who Can't Do, Teach

Hannah has found another calling, but is it a wrong number? 2015.02.22S04.E06

Scenes From A Breakup

Adam accomplishes the impossible: making us feel bad for Hannah. 2015.02.15S04.E05

Poisoned Pen

Hannah finally figures out what to write at the Iowa Writers' Workshop. The operative word being 'at.' 2015.02.08S04.E04

Urine Luck

It's a self-destructive week as opportunities and privileges are pissed away. 2015.01.25S04.E03

Will Hannah Fly In Flyoverland?

Hannah's ongoing fish-out-of-water tale finds another kind of non-water to drop her into. 2015.01.18S04.E02

The Long Goodbye

As Hannah prepares to leave for Iowa, we get glimpses of how much better this show might be without her. 2015.01.11S04.E01

Girls Season 3 Brought New Job Prospects, But Every Day Was Casual Friday

Reviewing the looks of Season 3, as Hannah transformed from ‘Crazy Cat Lady’ to ‘Occasionally Sane Cat Lady.’ 2014.03.24S03.E12

Closing Curtains

With all the big news dropping everywhere, how Girls-y can the season finale be? 2014.03.24S03.E12

The Downward Spiral

Hannah's life is falling apart again. Is it as Girls-y as it sounds? 2014.03.17S03.E11

Paging Clive Bixby

Hannah decides to try a little role-playing, but are the results still fundamentally Girlsy? 2014.03.10S03.E10

Ebb And Flo

Is a visit to Hannah's dying grandmother Girls-y? Yes and no. Mostly no. 2014.03.02S03.E09

Advertorial Privilege

Hannah's gig at GQ may be fresh territory for her, but how does this episode of Girls turn a new page? 2014.02.10S03.E06

Book Clubbed

Hannah's editor isn't all that's dead and buried in one of the Girls-iest eps of the season. 2014.02.02S03.E05

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