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Switched At Birth Invites You To A Wedding

No, you're the one tearing up as Toby and Lily head to the altar.

Well, how about that? Toby got married, and while it's not going to be an easy road for him and Lily, there's none of the "someone's just made a terrible mistake" sense of foreboding that followed his nuptials with Nikki. Bay, though, takes care of the soul-sucking dread for us. Here's what I'm curious about after Episode 3. I mean, besides where Toby and Lily are registered.

Toby is working nonstop as a DJ? Our Toby? Was there an outbreak of DJ Flu in Europe that wiped out every other DJ before he got there?

Because I'm just wondering. Toby, Lily, and baby Carlton are home for a visit, doling out classy gifts from Toby's travels as a top European DJ. You know, like a coffee mug from Rome.

Did Toby tell Lily he had a previous go at getting married at the Kennish house?

Probably not, but I'm guessing the memory quickly springs to everyone else's mind when the two announce their surprise wedding. And things seem to be headed sideways again. Toby can't really hide that Lily's rigor about Carlton's routines is getting on his nerves, and she can't really hide that she feels like he's slacking as a dad. The next thing you know, she's bringing up during the ceremony that he just called her "Momzilla" and storming off before the kiss. C'mon, you guys: Daphne got ordained for this. And John grilled ribs!

Am I really about to tell you that a Toby storyline was my favorite thing about an episode?

I know. It's another sign of the End Times. But this was just one of the most perfect things I think the show has ever done. It's agonizing when Lily rails at him for not doing more with Carlton, he retorts that she won't let him do more, and then he comes back with "You won't let me!" I also liked how the show let Lily be real about her frustrations in being with a special needs child all day. But maybe the best part was that while this is a big dust-up for Toby and Lily, it's also clear throughout that they're going to stick together because they do love each other and they're grown-ups. And when did it ever feel like we'd get to say that about ol' Toby?

Will the Kennishes find out that Toby's been gambling again?

Well, there is one small problem with new and improved Toby. He's fallen back into his old gambling habits. Toby and Lily seem to be handing this between themselves for right now. But since they're moving back in with John and Kathryn, the secret is bound to come out. I'm also hoping some British goons show up in Kansas City to collect his gambling debts.

How faraway could we see John playing misguided matchmaker for Daphne and Luca?

Far, far across the plains. What I didn't see was that John would be really cool about Regina and Luca -- I mean, he barely even managed some perfunctory doltish big brother remarks. I thought for sure he was going to come up with a way to be judge-y and then Regina could scream back, "WHAT ABOUT YOUR HAIR, THOUGH?"

Are we out of the woods on a Regina-Luca-Daphne triangle?

I think so. I hope so. Thrown together by John to help decorate for Lily and Toby's wedding, Daphne and Luca are talking about his medic experiences. This starts to bring up some anxiety Daphne has been feeling about Bay lately. She's having nightmares about when Bay got sick in China, and, in talking with Luca, she realizes that she has PTSD (what TV character doesn't anymore, though?) that's been triggered by the conflict with Iris. When Regina sees them talking, a little worry flashes across her face. Later, she breaks the news about her relationship to Daphne, who's fine with it as long as Luca doesn't have a crazy ex-wife.

Mary Beth: Bad friend or the worst friend?

I was done with her long ago, after she was all "Well, she shouldn't have been drunk" after the whole Bay and Tank debacle. And now Bay discovers that she's dating Tank. She and Bay have it out, and then later Travis ditches the Toby-Lily nuptials to go yell at Mary Beth and Tank himself. And then storm off looking all righteous and cute.

At this point, I'm good on confrontations and on ever seeing Mary Beth again. Like, even on another show. (You stay off Search Party, young lady. And I don't want to see you around The Good Place.) But we're not done. Tank shows up at the Kennishes', which, sadly, does not lead to a tag team ass-kicking by John and Travis. Although I did like Daphne threatening to call the cops. He's all, "Hey, don't be mad at Mary Beth, because her mom's been sick." And instead of just deciding to let everyone go on with their lives, Bay heads over to talk it out with Mary Beth. They don't reconcile, but Bay does muse to Travis later that maybe they were gone too long because they missed so much that happened with Mary Beth and so much with Emmett. Travis, rightly, wonders why we're talking about Emmett all of a sudden. The stench of looming Emmett fuckery hangs thick in the air, co-mingling with the aroma of John Kennish's barbecued ribs.

How disastrous will this trip over to Emmett's be?

No sooner is Travis out of her car than Bay is texting with Emmett. You know, just "checking on him." And, of course -- OF COURSE -- he wants her to come over because he really needs to talk to her. And she does. In next week's preview, Bay is telling Travis that Emmett is just a friend. But we all know what her actions are saying.

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