The Transformation Of Reynold

Reynold Toepfer bugged me from the get. Overly smooth, filled to the brim with self-regard, prone to pronouncements that he was controlling the game early on, Reynold presented as the typical Survivor douchecanoe without much to offer in the way of strategy or congeniality, whom we'd have to put up with until close to the finale thanks to his superior physical abilities.

Not so much. Reynold made a few poor choices alliance-wise (more to the point, his tribe smartly clocked him as a threat and cracked his coalition coglioni before he could gain too much traction) and, post-merge, had to ally with Malcolm and Eddie to have any hope of staying alive -- a set of circumstances that shifted his attitude from bro-ishly arrogant to pleasantly realistic.

He got further than he should have with it, too, but eventually, thanks to challenges (that I believe are) designed to shift power away from the more traditionally athletic contestants, he met his end in the game. He handled said end with grace -- and returned for Survivor jury duty with one of the best non-fiction mustaches in television history (understanding that no one shall touch the hem of Jamie from Mythbusters's garment).

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