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The Members Of Survivor's Generation X Tribe Seem To Be Pulling In Different Directions

After last week's blindside, all of the alliances are blown up and some people (David) are making inexplicable decisions.

A Plan is Hatched

After Paul is blindsided, Chris is pissed. Jessica greatly misrepresents what Paul said when she claims that Paul told her that if the boys decided to create an alliance, "Good luck, sweetheart." While I admire Jessica's willingness to make big moves, she had scant evidence that such a move needed making, even if it was kind of exciting and got rid of a player that I personally found boring.

The next morning, Sunday and Lucy are wondering if they made a mistake in trusting Jessica. Lucy specifically isn't happy that Jessica "implanted" the vote idea in her head, and thinks Jessica is power-hungry. Lucy says "implanted" a lot, and I don't think she knows what that word means. Lucy, Chris, and Bret craft a plan to join up with David and Ken to vote out Jessica next. You need to watch this segment to understand what happens at Tribal Council later.

Reward Challenge

To earn a food reward, the tribes have to go out into the water in teams of two and grab a ring. The person holding the ring has to make it back and touch a pole to earn a point. There's a lot of wrestling and struggling, but it's honestly not that interesting until Michaela loses her top and still manages to score a point for her team. Chris is the MVP for the GenX team as he bowls over everyone on the Millennials and leads his team to victory.

Idol Hands

The Millennials are hungry, so most of the tribe goes out to hunt a wild goat that they've spotted. Adam takes the opportunity to hunt for a Hidden Immunity Idol. He finds something and starts crying: it's a hint and a map. Adam is right to search, since he and Zeke are on the outs with the rest of the tribe and probably will be next to get voted out unless something changes, but he really needs to pull his shit together.

After his team loses Reward, Adam takes a moment to search for the Idol now that he has a clue and a map. And it actually works! As he is celebrating, Hannah comes across him and asks how his Idol search is going. Adam prays that she didn't see him with the Idol, and then he breaks down in front of the camera while thinking about his mom, a Survivor superfan who was recently diagnosed with Stage IV lung cancer. Despite his intensity, I kind of like Adam. I'm worried about what will happen if he and GenX David end up on the same tribe, though. The world might implode.

Immunity Challenge

This is a challenge we've never seen before, and I really enjoyed it. One tribe member at a time sits in something like a Ferris Wheel seat and is hoisted into the air by the rest of the tribe. The person in the seat has to remove numbered tiles from one of three rows, and they have to be removed in numerical order. After ten tiles are removed, another person subs into the hot seat until all thirty tiles have been removed. Then the thirty lettered tiles have to be arranged to form a phrase.

GenX's strategy is to put big guys in the hot seat, which seems counterintuitive since they are heavier to lift, but their increased reach when grabbing tiles seems to make a huge difference, as they finish that portion first. It doesn't matter, though, since it takes both teams over forty-five minutes to form the letters into a phrase. But all it takes is one spark, and Zeke provides it for the Millennials. They form the correct phrase and win immunity.

Pre-Tribal Council Scramble

Strap in. Lucy is moving ahead with the plan hatched earlier to oust Jessica. The problem is that she ordered David and Ken to go along with her, and Ken didn't like that. He voted out Paul for bossiness and he thinks Lucy is headed down that path, so he constructs a plan to get David, Jessica, CeCe, and Sunday to vote out Lucy. Ken goes to Jessica first to get her on his side.

Jessica doesn't trust Ken, and thinks something is fishy. So Jessica goes to Lucy, of all people, and asks if it's true. Lucy confronts Ken in front of half the tribe. And now everything is blown up. David interviews that he's considering using his Idol to save Jessica. WHAT? Don't use your Idol to save someone else, dummy. There's going to be a tribe swap or a merge sometime soon, and that's when you might really need that Idol. Who cares about Jessica? David, you crazy. As they head to Tribal Council, most of the tribe plans to vote out Jessica; some subsection of them plans to vote out Lucy, maybe; and poor Jessica thinks they are voting out CeCe.

Tribal Council

Probst serves as counselor and tries to help Ken and Lucy figure out their issues, to no avail. Ken then complains that he was close to Jessica, and she betrayed him at the last vote. Jessica asks if she's supposed to one hundred percent believe Ken now when he says that the whole tribe is planning to vote her out, and he says very honestly, "Yeah." Jessica looks in his eyes for a long beat, and then seems really distressed about what to do. David proclaims that it's "a live tribal," meaning that it seemed decided when they left the beach, but now things are changing. Chris gives us the episode title when he says they're all "all in," and now it remains to be seen "Who's The Sucker At The Table?"

After voting, David does play the Idol for Jessica. She got five of the eight votes, so she would have gone home. Jessica voted for CeCe, and David and CeCe voted for Lucy, so Lucy's going home. Whoa.

I can't believe both Sunday and Ken voted for Jessica. I guess they figured that's the way the majority was going, so they went with the crowd. I don't see how this improves David's standing in the tribe at all, other than that Jessica might be more loyal to him. I don't get why it mattered to him so much whether Jessica or Lucy went home this week. I feel like I need about a week to process all the decisions people made on this tribe, and why.


Skip the first half, but everything from the Immunity Challenge on is worth watching, just because it's so bananas -- especially for an early episode.

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