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The Majority Alliances Begin To Fall On Survivor

The people on the bottom of big alliances actually realize they're on the bottom instead of just waiting around to be picked off each week. What a world!

Survivor's Guilt

Zeke and Adam are bummed that they weren't able to pull off a coup on the pretty people of their tribe, so they go off to pout a bit. Hannah joins them to purge her guilt over switching her vote, but Zeke keeps asking her to give him time and space to deal with his disappointment. Hannah CANNOT stop talking about it, so they end up getting in a fight. If Hannah hopes to succeed in this game, she really needs to become okay about making big moves. Or small moves. Or any moves.

I Got A Rock

When Treemail arrives, each tribe gets a bag of rocks, Charlie-Brown style. Each castaway draws one, and anyone who gets an orange rock gets to (has to?) go mingle at a summit meeting. Jay, Will, Figgy, and Taylor go for the Millennials, while David, Chris, Paul, and CeCe represent the GenX tribe. They literally break bread together (with peanut butter and jelly and suchlike for spreads) and chitchat. David quickly tells Taylor that they should work together post-merge, and also vows to vote off his own tribe members if asked. I hope that bit pays off later because otherwise this whole segment was worthless.

Majority Rules, Until It Doesn't

Ken is getting increasingly frustrated with the GenX tribe blindly following Paul for no reason other than he's the loudest. He tries to sway Jessica to his side, but she's pretty happy in her majority alliance so far.

Similar to what Ken is going through on the other tribe, Adam is annoyed that Figgy is in power on the Millennial tribe when she's so terrible at this game. He goes to Michaela and points out that Taylor, Figgy, Jay, and Michelle are a tight unit, and the rest of them are on the outs whether they're in the majority alliance or not. Adam thinks they should make a move while they still have the numbers to flip the script. Michaela is interested, especially since she still hates Figgy, but won't commit to anything yet.

Immunity/Reward Challenge

For the challenge, the teams have to carry sandbag-and-coconut-filled bags over and under obstacles and across a balance beam. Then they have to empty the bags and use the sandbags to knock down a block wall, and once all of their blocks are down, reassemble it. The winners get immunity and also a reward of pillows, blankets, chairs, and a hammock.

The balance beam causes a lot of trouble for both tribes at first. Probst says that they can go across without carrying a bag and make someone else go twice with bags and everything changes. The Millennials have Taylor go multiple times with bags and their tribe finishes that section with a big lead. CeCe takes a LONG time for GenX, despite Probst hectoring her to give up and let someone else take her bag. I really don't understand why she didn't, or why her tribe didn't tell her to do so. Instead, they all sat there silently sweating as she inched her way across the beam. I mean, I wanted to vote her out right there.

GenX makes it a game when Ken knocks down the blocks fairly quickly, but Zeke and Michelle smoke Sunday and David at reassembling the puzzle and the Millennials win. Jay asks if they can swap out the comfort items for fishing gear; Probst says the GenX tribe would have to agree to it and after conferring, they neg him.

Pre-Tribal Council Scramble

The majority alliance plans to vote out CeCe natch. Jessica and Sunday confirm the voting plans with Paul and Jessica says offhandedly, "And you guys aren't doing a boys' thing?" Paul says they're not, and then says he would tell them if they were, to let the women know they are on their own. Interesting that he didn't say he wouldn't do it -- just that he would give them a heads up. Jessica and Sunday go tell Lucy that they are on the bottom of their six-person alliance and Lucy suggests voting out Paul now. It's nice to see Lucy actually speak in an episode; I was starting to think she was a ghost.

Tribal Council

CeCe starts by detailing who is in the six-person alliance (Paul, Bret, Chris, Sunday, Jessica, and Lucy) and who is not (CeCe, Ken, and David). Probst wastes a lot of time trying to revive the already-tired "Millennials are like this and GenXers are like THIS" theme, this time asking about texting. It's embarrassing for all involved. Finally, Paul gives a big speech about how the people in the six-person alliance worked hard to get there (did they?). Surprising me, the ladies do vote with Ken, David, and CeCe to oust Paul. I think this was a good move for the ladies; it keeps Bret and Chris from consolidating their power, but they still have a majority alliance if they want to go back to that.


I thought this was going to be a boring "get rid of the person who screws up in the challenge" episode, but I think we're seeing a continuance of the last few seasons, where people are willing to depart from their main alliance for a vote to shift the overall power, which makes for a much more interesting game.

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