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Survivor Says Goodbye To Generation X

But also says goodbye to Millennials, as the tribes mix it up and form three completely new tribes.

David Doesn't Deserve An Idol

GenX returns from TC and no one is mad at David for playing his Idol to save Jessica; they're just confused. Like the rest of us. David is second-guessing his decision, as he should be. Then Jessica tells Ken about her Legacy Advantage, and that she would have given it to him if she had been voted out. Doesn't that just give Ken more incentive to get her voted out? I don't know that Ken fully understood what she said because he thinks she's going to share it with him. Also, why did Ken just get rewarded for voting for Jessica, when David was the one who actually saved her? Go home, GenXers. You are drunk.

The next morning, they are all ready to look for the hidden Immunity Idol, and no one is even trying to keep it secret. David spots a log with a symbol but can't do anything because Sunday and CeCe are nearby. He waits for them to get bored and leave, and then snags the Idol. So I guess playing the Idol didn't really hurt him, since he still has one.

Tribal Swap

It's that time! Probst tells everyone to drop their buffs. They are mixing tribal membership and expanding to three tribes. The new third tribe will have to start from scratch with shelter, fire, et al, and will get an extra member to help carry the load. You know what annoys me about this? Now I have to learn the actual tribe names. The new tribes are:

Takali: Jessica and Ken from GenX, and Adam, Taylor, and Figgy from Millennial. (Yes, those two idiots ended up together yet again.)

Vanua: CeCe, Chris, and David from GenX, and Zeke and Michelle from Millennial. I love the idea of Zeke and Michelle having to band together because I think they were the two best players on their tribe. I just hope they don't get picked off by the former GenXers first.

Ikabula: Sunday and Bret from GenX, and Michaela, Hannah, Jay, and Will from Millennial. Michaela is PISSED that she's...on a new tribe? Has to build shelter again? Probst is tickled by how mad Michaela is. Keep it up, Probst. She looks like she might kill you in your sleep.

Pleased To Meet You

The new Ikabula members exchange introductions and then get right to work building a shelter. Well, Jay does. Jay is also thrilled to be in the majority on his tribe. The next morning, Jay and Bret can't get a fire started when they're all starving and thirsty. Michaela gives it a shot and succeeds, and then gets emotionally overwhelmed and goes off into the jungle for a cry.

Over on Takali, Ken is happy with the new energy the younger people have brought to his tribe. Figgy puts the kibosh on displays of affection with Taylor even though they have the majority and presumably can't be targeted. Adam recognizes that he's the swing vote between two pairs, which is the Survivor sweet spot, as long as the two couples don't band together and get rid of him. But Adam and Ken already seem chummy, and Adam hates Figgy, so I smell a flip.

The next morning at Vanua, Chris and Zeke start bonding over the Oklahoma Sooners (Chris played for them, and Zeke is from Oklahoma). Chris pulls Zeke aside later and lets him know that he's willing to work with Zeke and Jessica, and they won't automatically be voted out. Zeke is pumped.

Immunity Challenge

Two out of three tribes will win immunity by retrieving underwater buoys to a platform. Once all the buoys are collected, they have a choice: immediately start trying to throw buoys into a basket, or hook the floating basket platform and pull it closer, making it easier to make the baskets but losing some time. First two teams to get five buoys in their basket wins.

Sunday doesn't even get a buoy, but worse are the Vanua trio of CeCe, who swims slower than my six-year-old, and David, who can't hold onto his buoy (to the point where one of his teammates wonders if he's throwing it), and Michelle, who also doesn't get a buoy.

Michaela has the hot hand for Ikabula and they easily get first place. Takali actually started shooting first, but Ken struggles with making baskets. Vanua is just a mess; they try for the long-distance baskets at first but quickly realize their folly and pull the basket closer. It's too little, too late, however, as Ken finally gets into a groove and Takali takes second place. Vanua's pathetic performance sends them to Tribal Council.

Pre-Tribal Council Scramble

Everyone at Vanua is bummed, and everyone is scrambling. The three former GenXers quickly decide together that Michelle should go, because they need Zeke's strength in challenges. Chris has a different idea, of course. He approaches David about getting rid of CeCe. At first, I didn't know why Chris was even telling David his plan, since he doesn't need his vote. But Chris explains that he wants David to be on his side post-merge, because David can pull in Jessica and Ken. CeCe pulls in no one. So David and Chris agree, and tell Zeke and Michelle that they are safe.

Michelle can't leave well enough alone, and doesn't fully trust the guys, so she approaches CeCe about making a deal of some sort to get out David, since he's useless. Is he more useless than CeCe? Seriously, what does she bring to the table? Anyway, CeCe stonewalls her and then immediately tells the guys that Michelle wants to get David out. Of all the people Michelle could target, she has to pick paranoid, reckless David? The dude played an Immunity Idol for NO REASON last week. What will this make him do? Oh, he interviews that he's thinking about giving his Idol to CeCe because he's a chess player who likes to look many moves ahead. Okay, so you give your Idol to CeCe, thus pissing off everyone else in your tribe. So what happens next week, when everyone hates you and you have no Idol? And you have the non-powerhouse duo of David and CeCe "competing" in the next immunity challenge? He is dumb even to consider this.

Tribal Council

Probst wants to talk about the GenX/Millennial split, and how that will affect tonight's vote. Zeke points out that Millennials still have the numbers overall, and if GenXers want to move ahead post-merge, they will need to work with the Millennials. David brings up his previous blindsides and says that he knows he needs to earn Chris's trust. Michelle floats the idea of voting out David again. I do not know why she keeps harping on that idea; why not say CeCe? Who could fault her for targeting the most useless member of the tribe? Thankgodfully, David doesn't play his Immunity Idol. And CeCe gets voted out. She is stunned because she was terrible at this game.


The tribal swap always brings new and fresh dynamics, and the GenXers and Millennials finally getting a chance to mix it up makes this one a must-watch.

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