Survivor Jettisons Two Contestants As We Jump Toward The Finale

It's a double elimination, and with all of the remaining contestants trying to make big moves, anyone could be going to jury.

Kids These Days

So I was totally wrong last week: I thought Jay stuck with his original alliance and voted for Hannah, but he actually did vote for Zeke after all. When they return from Tribal, Will is really, really proud of himself, and perhaps a little too bullish on his chances from here on out. Meanwhile, Bret and Sunday are frustrated that "the kids" are making moves just to make them instead of thinking things through. But Bret is confident that, given how crazy this game has been so far, he can still mix things up and stick around for a while.

The next morning, Bret and Sunday approach Adam and say that they knew Zeke was a threat so they understand voting him out. But now the threats are Jay, Will, and David, and Adam is going to need their help to take them out. They make a handshake deal to vote together from here on out. Adam does the smart thing when someone proposes an alliance: agree to it in the moment and then figure out your best move later.

Immunity Challenge

Since this is a double-elimination episode, we skip Reward and go right to Immunity. The Challenge involves transporting ten disks through an obstacle course and rolling them into a rack. It comes down to David, Bret, and Jay in the final phase, and Jay smokes the other two. And don't forget, he still has an Immunity Idol. He's looking good for the finals.

Pre-Tribal Council Scramble

Will and Jay discuss who goes next. Jay wants to get rid of Ken, his biggest challenge competition, but Will says that if David makes it to the end, he could win. So they agree to vote for David. Will spreads the word to Sunday, Bret, Adam, and Hannah, who all agree, and Will feels great that he's calling the shots.

Adam starts thinking. He's not sure he wants to rely on Will, who has shown that he will change alliances on a whim. Adam tells Bret that they should vote out Will tonight. Adam takes it to Hannah, who is more cautious, reminding Adam that Will saved them at the last vote. Hannah feels loyalty to both Will, for the last vote, and David, because he has been her ally for a while. Hannah needs to get over her loyalty and vote for who will get her further in the game.

Tribal Council

At Tribal, they talk about how you have to make a big move to win at the end, but that if you do make a big move, the others might vote you out before you get to the end. Especially this season, people who make big moves end up on the jury pretty quickly. The vote follows what was discussed, and Will is voted out. Jay and Will voted for David, and everyone else voted for Will. I don't know if I understand Jay's vote; did he not know what the majority was doing, or did he make a promise never to write Will's name down?

From Enemies To Friends To...

After Tribal, Jay reveals that he didn't know about the plan to take out Will. I guess that puts to bed my theory that Sunday and Jay had a secret alliance, or she would have clued him in. He's starting to think he's a jinx, because everyone who makes a plan with him ends up going home next. Jay and Adam go off for a chat, and laugh about how they have been enemies in this game, but now respect one another. Jay makes the case for taking David out next, confirms that he has an Idol, and says he's not going anywhere.

Immunity Challenge

This is a really interesting and new challenge. First, the contestants throw a ball into what is basically a Plinko board. While the ball is plinking down, they work on a block puzzle. They catch the ball as it comes out the bottom of the board, toss it back in, and go back to working on the puzzle. If they don't catch it, the ball goes into a series of ramps, and they have to wait for it to reach the bottom, and can't work on their puzzle during that time. The first to finish the puzzle wins immunity.

It's a tight race between Jay, David, and, of all people, Ken, as they try to use blocks to recreate the season's logo while monitoring where their ball is on the board. Ken thinks he has it, but he's spelled "Millennial" wrong. Adam, who is nowhere near winning, decides to help Ken out by telling him when he can work and when he needs to grab his ball. With Adam's help, Ken wins immunity.

Pre-Tribal Council Scramble

Once they return to camp, everyone congratulates Ken, but once Ken and David go off to get wood, Jay starts bitching that Ken only won because Adam helped him. Adam explains that he was trying to prevent David from winning. Jay says he's voting for David tonight and asks everyone else to join him, because he's not ready to go home yet. If I were sitting there, I would suggest that Jay play his Idol if he really wants to stay; that's his only guarantee, and it's one the rest of them don't have.

Of course, David has an overly complex plan to stay. He wants their block of four (David, Ken, Hannah, and Adam) to vote three for Bret and one for Jay. He thinks Bret, Sunday, and Jay will vote for him. That would mean a tie between Bret and David, in which case they all vote for Bret on the revote, and Bret goes home. Why not just all vote for Bret in the first place? It just seems overly complicated, but maybe I'm not smart enough to follow the logic.

Hannah proposes that they vote out Sunday, because she's become a really tempting goat to take to the end, and she's worried that Adam will become so tempted that he will betray his alliance to keep her in the future. David and Ken agree.

Adam talks to Hannah and Ken. He reminds them that Jay is only two immunity wins away from the finals, so he's voting Jay. He thinks they should split the vote with David, so either David or Jay is guaranteed to go home. Hannah keeps arguing her Sunday thing, but Adam notes that the worst-case scenario is that Sunday goes home, and then David and Jay are still in the game and Jay still has his Idol. Ken and Hannah are reluctant to vote for David because they've worked with him. So do you both want to go to the finals with him? I do not understand their gameplay, especially Hannah's. But Ken proved himself last week to be kind of an idiot.

As Adam and Jay lie in the hammock together, Adam says that Jay should play his Idol tonight. They both laugh at their circumstances and talk about how badly they both want to get to the end. Jay asks Adam to get him to the finals, as if Adam isn't scratching and crawling to the end himself. Get yourself there, dude. Adam tells Jay about his mom's lung cancer and how his mom wanted to see him get to the end, so he can't waste any opportunity he gets. They both cry a little bit, and Jay says his mom has had brain aneurysms, so he gets feeling like your mom could die any time. So now Jay and Adam are bonded for life. Or at least until one of them screws the other over.

Hannah tells Adam she's voting for Sunday. Adam is disappointed for all the reasons outlined previously, and tries to convince Hannah that it's not the right move. Hannah interviews that she doesn't want to see David go home because she loves him. See, that's not a good enough reason when you are this close to the end!

Tribal Council

Jay tries to make the argument that yes, he's a challenge threat, but there are other challenge threats in the game, and the difference is that Jay has no alliance and others do. It's not a bad argument. And he's obviously fallible since he's not wearing the Immunity Necklace right now. Of course, he doesn't mention his Idol, which increases his threat. David says he knows he's a threat, and that he's relied on his friendships and alliances. Adam lists the reasons David needs to go.

Jeff asks Sunday, basically, "Are you just a goat?" Sunday says that others underestimate her, but that she thinks she could get some votes in a final. Adam says that the jury's perception of your game is the only thing that matters in the end.

After the vote, Jay plays his Idol. The final vote is four votes Sunday, two votes David, and one vote Jay. So Hannah got her way. Interesting. Jay is pissed that he played his Idol when he didn't need to.


This was kind of a housekeeping episode. Nothing that exciting happened, there were no huge surprises, and no one thought Will or Sunday was going to take the whole thing anyway. However, it does set up an interesting finale next week, capping off one of the best seasons in some time.

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