Survivor Finds Fickle Flip-Floppers Cause Fighting

Will thinks it's time to make a move, and then gets outed by Ken's insane gameplay.

Famous Last Words

Jessica went home on a rock draw, and David is upset that he burned his Idol and now he's in the minority alliance. Zeke, meanwhile, is delighted that he's in the majority and feels like he's got a straight path to the final five. Based on how this game has gone so far, that seems like counting the proverbial chickens.

Ken gets the Legacy Advantage that Jessica left for him, as she promised. Ken feels like he has a good shot at winning. Can he count? He's got a good shot at following David out the door if something doesn't change.

Reward Challenge

It's the Loved Ones! They're here! Everyone cries. Look, I find the loved ones challenge touching every year. I'm a sap like that. I have nothing joking to say. Although if I were someone's designated loved one, I would practice running because they always look a bit dorky sprinting out of the jungle.

Adam, in particular, is emotional because he has no idea how his mom is doing. His brother reports that their mom is fine. Adam announces that they all know about his advantage, but he vows that he won't use it this time around. This segment felt a lot longer than in previous seasons; Jeff asked every single person a question about their loved ones. Do you feel like at least one producer was kind of hoping Adam's mom died? ...I'm sorry! I can't help what terrible things pop into my head.

The challenge involves being tied to a rope and then maneuvering over and under obstacles. Jay wins. His sister gets to come back to camp and have a barbecue with the gang; Jay chooses Will and Sunday and their loved ones to join him, thus furthering my theory that Jay and Sunday have a secret side alliance. And then Probst lets him choose one MORE like what the eff? Jay starts crying and, despite Ken's begging, says that Adam could have taken the reward away and he didn't, so despite their differences, he is choosing Adam.

I Don’t Know How To Thank You Enough

Oh, boy. Adam and his brother go off alone so that Adam can get an update on his mom's cancer. He finds out that they had to stop all treatment because it was weakening his mom too much, and Adam breaks down. He and his brother both talk about how all of their family members have been huge fans of Survivor and how that has given his family something to focus on instead of the cancer. Jay and his sister join them and Adam says he can never repay Jay for choosing him today, but he wants to give him the advantage. Th...anks? That advantage is crapola. It's the thought that counts, I guess.

The next morning, David, Will, and Adam hang out in camp and notice that there's a meeting on the beach with Bret, Sunday, Zeke, and Jay. I don't know where Hannah is. Anyway, Will gets a wild hair up his ass and suddenly realizes that if he wants to have any chance of winning, he has to build a resume. His big move is announcing to David and Adam that he wants to flip, and that they have to take out Zeke, immediately. David's like, "Sounds good, dude."

Immunity Challenge

It's an endurance challenge involving keeping tension on a rod to keep it from dropping and breaking a tile. Most of them drop in the first four minutes, leaving Ken, Jay, and Adam as the holdouts. Ken drops and somehow Adam is still in it? And then Jay drops and Adam wins? That was unexpected.

Pre-Tribal Council Scramble

Since Zeke doesn't have immunity, David's group is ready to vote Zeke out. Their plan depends on Will voting with them. Zeke's group is worried because the other side isn't scrambling, and they should be. They decide to vote Ken.

Ken takes Will off to get snails and has a long talk with him about authenticity and how he's excited to work with Will. It all seems to go okay, though Will is kind of annoyed by Ken's yammering, until Will tells Ken that Zeke's group is voting for him. Ken is stunned. Dude. I don't know why Ken is so upset. Zeke's group doesn't have the numbers if Will is being honest, and also, it's Survivor! They have to vote for someone.

Ken grabs Jay and asks if they've voting him out, because that's what Will said. Why is Ken doing this? What is his endgame here? I don't think Ken understands how this game works. Anyway, Will sees what's happening and then Ken, Will, Jay, and Bret are standing on the beach talking it out. Zeke joins them and Will is like, "Fuuuuuuuuuuuuck," because now his big flipping plans are being revealed in front of his former alliance. Will is honest and says that he wanted to make a big move that no one else could take credit for. And then weirdly, Ken leaves? Like, wouldn't you stick around and make sure that this group doesn't bring Will back into the fold? At some point, Sunday joins them and Jay convinces Will to come back to their side, or so it seems.

Ken heads back to camp and tells his group that he didn't trust Will, so he had to "test" him by…talking to him. And then revealing Will's plans to the other side. Adam and David roll their eyes, because they're screwed. Adam shouts in an interview, "That's not a TEST! That's a BETRAYAL!" Will is also PISSED at Ken for screwing him over. Will thinks he's in control of this whole thing. Even if he thinks he's on the bottom of the Zeke group, why would he flip so that he can be on the bottom of David's group? They need you, dude. Extract some sort of promise. Make them give you an Idol or something.

Zeke's group realizes that they probably shouldn't vote for Ken now, because that's what everyone is expecting and Adam still has an Idol. They talk about voting for Hannah. Meanwhile, David's group is on the same page, and Adam thinks about playing his Idol for Hannah.

Tribal Council

Everyone argues for the heart and vote of Will. Zeke's group argues that they respect Will and have saved him, just as he has saved them. Jay adds that he and Will have worked together on every move from the beginning. Meanwhile, David argues that the other side is just telling Will what he wants to hear but they're not going to change how they feel about him this late in the game, and he should look at their actions over their words. Jay finally tells Will that he's not going to "fluff him up," and he thinks Will should go with his gut. Will appreciates it.

When Probst reads the votes, Adam stands up and plays his Idol for Hannah. His team acts shocked. Did they not know he had an Idol? Anyway, it was the right play. Hannah would have gone home, but since she's immune, Zeke gets the rest of the votes and his torch is snuffed. No! I loved Zeke! I knew when he was bragging in the opening about what a great position he was in that he was on the way out, but I kept hoping it was a fake-out.


This season has been amazing. I thought this episode would be a huge letdown after last week, but between the loved ones, Ken's ridiculous "strategy," and the Idol play, it held up. My only issue with all these big moves is that, while they are mostly smart moves to make, it also means all of my favorites are getting voted out early-ish. Is Sunday going to win the whole thing or something? It kind of seems like it at this point.

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