Get To Know The Castaways On Survivor: Millennials Vs. Gen X

Season 33 of the show will be letting young people fight for victory against...slightly older people.

In this brand new promo for the upcoming season of Survivor, Jeff Probst states that he was looking for ways to get younger people in the game. But personally, I can imagine Jeff Probst meeting up with his fellow CBS cohorts, saying something like "People are discussing Millennials a lot these days. Do we have an idea here?" And thus, Survivor: Millennials Vs. Gen X was born.

The brand new season, airing on September 21st, will once again introduce 20 castaways who are eager to win a cool million, all with the hope that they won't get medically evacuated due to infections and sprains. Here's a sneak peek of who to expect -- from a TV writer for Family Guy to a youth pastor who'll help the younger castaways deal with homesickness, it's bound to be a pretty strong season.


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