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A Sneaky Snacker Sets Up A Skirmish On Survivor

Taylor's been stealing food, and Adam knew about it, and Jay ate some of it, so who should take the blame?

Blindside Fallout

Jay is disgusted that Adam, Hannah, and Zeke voted with the GenXers, and calls them stupid for not seeing that they're on the bottom of their alliance. This is the first of many times that Jay demonstrates that his "carefree surfer boy" persona is super-fake.

Taylor and Adam have a summit where they both express remorse that they weren't able to work together, but reiterate that they both know secrets about one another. Adam knows that Taylor hid food, and Taylor knows about Adam's advantage. So it's mutually assured destruction, I guess? Taylor goes and digs up his Mason jars and has a midnight snack.

The next morning, Jay and Hannah have a talk. Hannah says she felt like she was just a number to her fellow Millennials, so she decided to take her game into her own hands instead of just following the crowd. Jay acts like he's really proud of her. Don't fall for it, Hannah!

Reward Challenge

They will be playing in teams, chosen by a schoolyard pick. Each team has to unlock and drag a box through a course, open it, and throw the bolos inside at a rack. First team to get five bolos racked wins a trip to a spa with cheeseburgers and French fries.

One team is the GenXers and one is Millennials, except with Taylor and Jessica switching places. The problem is that the GenX men are all big burly types, while the Millennials are…more of the lean, rangy types? Built for speed, not strength. Since the bottleneck on this challenge is pushing the giant, heavy wooden box under a net, strength is the key, and the GenX team plus Taylor wins in what Probst continues to call a blowout. He's not wrong, but boy does he love to rub it in.

Madam, I'm Adam

Adam and Jay have a chat while the GenXers are gone. Adam gets cocky and tells Jay he's on the bottom of the tribe, and Jay gets pissed off. Did he…not know he was on the bottom? Was he not at the last Tribal Council? Jay complains about Adam to Will, and Hannah and Zeke overhear and confess that they almost voted Adam out last time because he's so annoying. Zeke interviews that Adam was dumb to tell Jay he's on the bottom, because people who are on the bottom get desperate and will try to pull off big moves, and Adam will be the target.

While on Reward, Sunday is worried about how fractured her alliance is due to the events that happened pre-tribe swap, and claims she's going to take control of her game. Once she gets back to camp, Sunday notes that Jessica is very cold to her ever since she voted for her pre-swap. So Sunday goes to Jay and his crowd and urges Jay to vote for Jessica. Jay is like, "Anyone but me and my alliance," so he's in.

Immunity Challenge

It's a balance/stamina challenge, where contestants have to stand on a beam while balancing a ball on a bow. Dropping the ball or falling from the beam means you're out. Probst offers up food (grilled ham and cheese sandwiches and potato chips) if anyone wants to sit out, and Zeke and Will take him up on it. I was surprised about Will but he explains that he knew he wouldn't win against the surfer dudes, so he decided to eat. Probst has a really good time reminding Will that he can't drink beer. Aren't they in international waters where there's no drinking age? I mean, would anyone be that upset if Will had a freaking beer? Geez.

It comes down to Taylor and Ken at the end. Both falter, but Taylor drops the ball first and Ken wins immunity.

Pre-Tribal Council Scramble

The majority alliance decides to split their votes between Jay and Taylor, because they're pretty sure that Jay has an Idol (he does). Sunday is bummed because she wanted to use Jay to get out Jessica. I'm not sure how exactly she planned to do that beyond "get Jay on her side." Even if he could bring Taylor and Will along, that's only four votes. I like that Sunday is trying to do something on her own; I just don't think it's time yet.

Sunday tells Jay the vote-splitting plan. Then Taylor takes Jay aside and shows him the "food bunker", and after a snack, Taylor tells Jay about Adam's advantage. Jay encourages Taylor to blow up Adam's spot. Honestly, if Taylor told me Adam's secret and I was in the majority alliance, I'd be like, "So?" I mean, Adam has an advantage. He didn't use it. He might not ever use it. It wouldn't be enough to change my vote.

Tribal Council

First, Jay reveals that he and Adam hate one another. Then Taylor claims that Adam helped him to steal a bunch of food and hide it. Adam denies it. Taylor then says that Adam has an advantage and Adam confesses what it is. Taylor says that Adam is going to steal their loved-one visit!!!! Also Taylor says he doesn't feel bad about stealing food because he will take any advantage to get ahead in the game.

Once everything settles down, Probst of course wants to turn this into a generational thing, and Jessica helps him by saying that Taylor seems to think that coming clean erases his wrongdoing, and that's not how she was raised. Jay says he wasn't either and totally throws Taylor under the bus, calling him "a dumb surfer," when Jay is someone with goals and dreams. Then Jay and Adam get into it about who's at fault: the person who knew about the food but didn't report it, or the person who knew about the food and also ate some of it. Can't they both be dicks? I think those are both dick moves.

Everyone votes, and Jay doesn't play his idol. Sunday must have tipped Jay off, because Taylor gets the majority of the votes, including one from Jay, with the rest going to Jay and one to Adam.


That bananas Tribal Council is worth watching, if only because idiot Taylor gets his comeuppance and everyone else is nervous-giggling throughout.

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