Supergirl Gets It Twisted

Kara works out her anger issues on the Red Tornado, but she may have worked out more than that.

  • Alert!

    Don't Drive Angry

    Alert Type: Road Rage Alert.

    Issue: Kara has to intervene when two angry drivers endanger a group of kids at a crosswalk.

    Complicating Factors: When one of the motorists makes the mistake of taking a swing at her, Kara displays a little temper of her own.

    Resolution: Supergirl gets some bad PR and a condescending lecture from Henshaw about controlling her anger.

    Spoiler: We're not going to be done with the anger theme until you're pissed off too.

  • Awkward

    Rough Morning At Noonan's

    Situation: Lucy and James have just finished morning coffee at National City's one eatery.

    What makes it awkward? Lucy tells James that her dad is in town and wants to have dinner with them. Also, when Kara shows up, as she always does, Lucy thanks her for the invite, and Kara's all, wait what now?

    How is order restored? After Lucy peaces out, James explains to Kara that a) he and Lucy's dad disagree strongly over Superman and b) he invited Lucy to game night at Kara's. So it really pretty much isn't, and probably won't be any time soon.

  • Character Study

    Putting The "Litter" In "Literature"

    Name: Katherine Grant.
    Age: Late 60s.
    Occupation: High-class Metropolis book editor, mother to Cat Grant, disappointingly obscure actor. Sally Field must have been way out of this show's price range.
    Goal: To show off her own classy literary connections while constantly downplaying her daughter's accomplishments.
    Sample Dialogue: "Kitty, what could you possibly have to talk about with two Nobel laureates and Margaret Atwood?"
  • Hell No!

    DEO Or DEO Not; There Is No Try

    Alex remains determined to find out more about her father's death while he was working for DEO, and asks Winn to look into it -- by hacking into the DEO mainframe. Winn's answer? Hell no. That is, until Kara leverages his own daddy issues and makes the sad-cow eyes at him. This will not end well.

  • Character Study

    Generally Awful

    Name: General Sam Lane.
    Age: Early 60s.
    Occupation: Military general, father to Lucy Lane, lipless gnome.
    Goal: To test a newly designed battle robot on Supergirl, boss everyone around, bitch about the DEO, break up Lucy and James, and show the world that it's possible to attain the rank of general even if you have atrocious people skills.
    Sample Dialogue: "Your covert operations could be handled effectively with my special forces and without foreign assistance."
  • Awkward

    Legal Kryptonite

    Situation: General Lane's legal attaché presents the executive order that supposedly forces Supergirl to take part in his weapons testing.

    What makes it awkward? General Lane's legal attaché is none other than Lucy Lane. And when she's around her dad, she's almost as much of an ass as he is.

    How is order restored? The good news is that Lucy doesn't recognize Kara in her supersuit. And luckily for most nearby humans, Kara wants to play nice rather than plant her Kryptonian feet and say, "Make me."

  • Character Study

    Someone Missed His Calling As A Cheesemonger

    Name: Dr. T. O. Morrow. For real.
    Age: Mid-30s.
    Occupation: Designer of General Lane's new battle machine.
    Goal: To prove the mastery of his scientific creation, which he calls the "Red Tornado." Coincidentally, "Red Tornado" is what I call MAH DI-- you know what, let's not go there.
    Sample Dialogue: "It's not a robot. It's an anthropomorphic pseudo-entity with combat capabilities."
  • Family Matters

    The Cat Is Not Away

    Who's causing a family crisis? Cat Grant's mom, not for the first time.

    How? She's just blown off dinner plans with her daughter to attend a party at Toni Morrison's digs, making it clear that Grant isn't invited.

    Which relatives have a problem with it? Well, Grant does, even though most people would be thrilled to see the back of that horrible woman.

    Who's an unlikely ally? Kara's sympathetic to the crippling parental slight she just witnessed -- at least until Grant takes out her frustrations on Kara by dumping work on her and dumping on her about her crush on James.

    Spoiler: Remember what we said earlier about the anger theme.

  • Playing Games

    Get A Clue

    What's the game? Password, maybe? Some verbal version of charades? Cranium, but boring? Hard to say.

    Who's playing? James and Lucy vs. Kara and Winn.

    What's at stake? Bragging rights, along with the chance for Kara to not be humiliated by Lucy for once.

    Who wins? James and Lucy's long history together provides a shorthand that allows them to dominate, while the only helpful clue Winn can manage to provide Kara is "Your cousin!" Somehow Lucy fails to catch the snap, which should make her the loser, and yet...

  • Fight! Fight! Fight!

    Supergirl vs. Red Tornado

    This isn't much of a battle, because the poor man's Vision can pretty much just spin parts of its body to create whirlwinds and then launch adorable little missiles from its fingers. Kara is able to easily withstand its attacks, burrow underground like Bugs Bunny without messing up her blowout, freeze off one of its arms, and work off the lousy week she's having by hammering the thing into submission with her bare hands, well after Alex and Henshaw try to call her off.

    Winner: Supergirl, or course. But then the Red Tornado goes into self-preservation mode and flies off, presumably to wreak havoc on National City. General Lane blames Supergirl for going off on it, and fires Dr. Morrow for building such a sucky robot. So really, are there any winners here?

  • That Quote
    "Don't talk to me like that, please! I work so hard for you! I don't ask questions, I don't complain, and all you do is yell at me and tell me I'm not good enough! And it's mean! Why are you so mean?"
    - Kara Danvers, finally going off on Cat Grant -
  • Meeting Time

    Try Asking The Red National Weather Service

    Who called the meeting? Alex Danvers.

    What's it about? She wants Maxwell Lord's help tracking the Red Tornado.

    How'd it go? Not great. Alex's angle is to offer Lord a chance to prove he's a good guy, but that doesn't interest him. At least, not the way Alex herself seems to.

  • Awkward

    Father-In-Law From Hell

    Situation: James is out to dinner with the Lanes.

    What makes it awkward? The minute Lucy repairs to the washroom, General Lane flatly tells James that he isn't good enough for Lucy, being a "glorified paparazzo." If that's how he feels about people in the media, what does the general think of his other daughter?

    How is order restored? Lucy returns to the table, so the two men have to resume pretending not to hate each other.

  • On The Menu

    A Liquid Dinner With The Boss

    Grant is punishing Kara for her outburst by…taking her out for drinks?

    Martini One: Grant understands that everyone gets angry, but you can't get angry at work…"Especially if you're a girl."

    Martini Two: Grant tells Kara about the time Perry White defenestrated a chair at the Daily Planet, which is the kind of thing a woman can never get away with. Thus the ladies need a safety valve. How lucky for Kara that she gets to be Cat Grant's.

    Martini Three: Grant says Kara's not really mad at her, any more than Grant was mad at Kara, but that Kara needs to figure out what she really is angry about. Does Kara only have to pick one?

    Martini Four: If there were a fourth martini, Grant might finally explain why she keeps spending all this time on Kara every time she screws up, instead of firing her every damn week like she really should.

    Martini Five: And if there were a fifth, Grant might forget to pronounce Kara's name wrong.

  • Plot Lightning Round

    James is leaving dinner with the Lanes when who should show up but the Red Tornado! Ooh, scary.


    James activates his Super-Speed-Dial, which I assume has been redirected to a local number.


    Red Tornado sends Lucy flying with one of its tactical zephyrs, but Kara arrives just in time to stop it from smashing General Lane!


    This time the fight is much less one-sided, as if the robot learned from the curbstomping it got earlier. Then, the Red Tornado distracts Kara by unleashing an actual tornado in downtown National City, forcing her to abandon the battle to save innocent bystanders while Red Tornado gets away!


    The gray tornado is much scarier than the Red one, but Supergirl deals with the latter almost as easily. It's amazing how many problems Kryptonians are able to solve by flying against the direction of current rotation.


    Oh, and guess what: General Lane again blames Supergirl for letting Red Tornado escape once more, even after Henshaw busts him on having the robot designed to kill Kryptonians. A class act, that fellow.

  • It's A Date

    Lord, No

    Maxwell Lord seems to have changed his mind about helping find Red Tornado. And he's done it in the smarmiest way possible.

    Who's on a date? Maxwell Lord and Alex Danvers, he thinks.

    Where has he taken her? Actually he's summoned her to his place. I keep expecting him to press a button that causes a bed to fold down out of the wall.

    Are things headed in a horizontal direction? Both of them continue to try to develop their connection for their own purposes, but Lord quickly gives up what he has deduced: Dr. Morrow is controlling Red Tornado remotely, and that's who Alex needs to find. She seems to appreciate that information more than being called her by her first name.

  • Playing Games

    Heavy Bag, Light Sedan

    What's the game? Boxing practice.

    Who's playing? Kara has invited James to join her in punching out their aggressions.

    What's at stake? The chance for a woman and a black man to blow off some steam in private.

    Who wins? Not only does Kara punch the engine block clean out of the car she's sparring with, she's got something to be angry about that James can't touch: the destruction of her home planet and any hope she ever had for a normal life. But cheer up, Kara: if Krypton had survived, you'd just be learning what Cat Grant and Lucy Lane already know: parents are fucking horrible.

  • Wrap It Up

    Using Kryptonian technology, the DEO projects a hologram of General Lane to draw out the Red Tornado, which Morrow must be using to try to get revenge on Lane. I'd just as soon they used the real Lane, but nobody asked me.


    Supergirl shows up to engage RT using a previously unobserved power: artillery!


    Meanwhile, Alex has tracked the control signal to Dr. Morrow's lair and gone there alone to stop him. Alas, Morrow tells her that his telepathic relay means that the only way to stop the robot is to kill him. Wait, did I say "alas"?


    Kara fights Red Tornado!


    While Alex fights its creator!


    Alex prevails first, but now Red Tornado is sentient and able to fight without having to receive commands! Damned inconvenient, that.


    But that's okay, because fueled by the super-angrilating memories of her last moments on Krypton, Kara simply bakes the robot with her heat-vision until it too goes supernova. The experience leaves her on her knees, gasping. Which is not entirely unexpected when tangling with the Red Tornado, otherwise known as MAH DI-- no, forget I said that.


    General Lane goes to collect Lucy to return to Metropolis, but guess what? She quits. Her dad is as much of a jerkwad about it as you would expect. Exit Lane.


    Winn has succeeded in finding something out about Alex's dad. It seems that only a year after going to work for the DEO, Jeremiah Danvers and another agent ventured to South America to nab an alien fugitive, only to end up missing and presumed dead. But then the other agent resurfaced months later, uninjured aside from having no memories of what happened. And if you haven't already guessed that the other agent was Hank Henshaw, how did you enjoy your first experience with television just now?


    Back at the office, Grant's mom starts bitching about Kara, and that's where Grant draws her line in the sand. The elder Grant flusters off while Kara thanks Grant for making her feel "normal," and is ready with Advil for her hung-over boss.


    But then Kara drops the water glass, and when she goes to clean up the fragments, well…that certainly isn't supposed to happen.

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